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Nantes : La Plume de Swane chez Les Enfants Terribles !

Depuis quelques semaines, les enfants hospitalisés en Hématologie et Oncologie au CHU de Nantes participent à la Plume de Swane. Une très bonne nouvelle, aussi fallait-il qu’on puisse la trouver à Nantes, la Plume de Swane ! 49 more words

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Meet The Best Social Distribution Expert In Ontario - Ron Goudreault

Ron Goudreault Was Just Officially Awarded The Title Of “Best Social Distribution Expert” In Rockland Ontario After Asking Online Marketing Professionals In An Web Opinion Poll. 7 more words

Consortium to Distribute Alternative and Secret Acres

I just read some pretty big news from Heidi MacDonald at Publisher’s Weekly. Alternative Comics and Secret Acres have just joined Consortium, one of the major distributors that caters to independent publishers and independent bookstores. 189 more words

A long wait....

It’s always a long period between approval and distribution listing times. At the moment I’m twiddling my thumbs and playing with site headers and profile pictures, which I’ve tried to make a little less intimidating. 278 more words


Shiny Beldum is now available for download in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

A Shiny Beldum will be waiting for you to download once you obtain Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, via the Mystery Gift option.

The Shiny Beldum is a level 5 and knows the moves Hold Back, Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, and Iron Defense. 30 more words

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The Science of Pheromones

Have you been attracted to someone and don’t know why since they’re totally not your type? Well, according to some scientists, pheromones might have come into play, which are smells or chemical compounds that our body releases via oil and sweat that the brain picks up. 465 more words

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German chancellor’s visit puts DB Schenker-NICTA product in spotlight

Australian-German transport and logistics research links gained a rare airing during chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to these shores.

Merkel took time after the G20 conference to gain a first-hand understanding of a new free mobile app, Pickup and Delivery Assistant (PanDA), being developed jointly by German logistics provider DB Schenker and National ICT Australia (NICTA). 432 more words