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In the drinking water distribution system, there is no more important thing than storage of water. This storage helps the system meet the many demands put on it daily by its customers. 384 more words

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Tools for mathematicians

Over the weekend, in connection with a research project on semigroups (which I will write about shortly), I needed to know the distribution of the size of the image of a random mapping from the set {1,…,n} to itself. 252 more words

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Solve Warehousing and Distribution Issues with Data Capture Technology

Information travels fast, but it also has to arrive safely through busy factories and warehouses, shipyards and airports to people who need it at the point of work. 878 more words


Response to Welcome to the new World of Distribution by Peter Broderick

The article went on to compare and contrast the differences between Old World Distribution and New World Distribution. The OW (Old World Distribution) refers to the traditional way of creating, and distributing films that independent and studio filmmakers had to do. 180 more words


Chemical Shortages (Getting Shorter and Shorter!)

I started in the chemical industry in 1988.¬† Anyone long enough in the tooth to remember that time (pre-email, about 50% of companies had fax machines) will recall the product shortage that ruled the day was… 825 more words

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Know and Keep The Yellow Tang Fish as Pets

OwnerPets.com - Yellow Tang Fish surgeon fish family belongs. Adult yellow tang fish can grow to reach a length of 20 cm (7.9 inch), and a thickness of about 1-2 cm (0.39-0.79 inch). 389 more words