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Ex: Distribute and Simplify Expressions in Fraction Form

This video provides several examples of how to distribute and simplify expressions in fraction form.

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Ex: The Distributive Property

This video provides several examples of how to apply the distributive property.

III. Algebra Videos

The Practice of Medicine: The Dilemma Neglected in the Healthcare Debate

The article quoted provides an interesting perspective on the true cost and long-term value of “experimental” care.

The decision to treat an illness is not simply a decision about the fate of a single human being.

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Creative vs Distributive activities - By Roger Bootle


Roger Bootle , argues that all economic activity can be classified as either ‘creative’ or ‘distributive’,” Mukunda tells us. “Creative work increases a society’s wealth. Distributive work just moves wealth from one hand to another. 13 more words