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To truely know ourselves, will help us understand everything around us

Within this Society we have totally lost sight of who we are, we have become so engulfed in our own little “All about me” world, we don’t know what or who is around us. 403 more words

My Flipping Coin

When I was a young boy, I was wandering along a dusty path, staring vacantly at the ground beneath me. Suddenly, right at my feet, something shiny caught my eye. 488 more words

Dave Hamlin

Guest Post - Community - an Alternative to Living for and by Yourself

These days, in their daily lives, precious few people have a social support system worthy of the name. We’re lucky if we have even one or two people in our lives with whom we have significant affinity. 958 more words


Government Works

For such a smart guy, New York Times “Upshot” Editor David Leonhardt made a surprising goof in the July 15th issue, writing, “When the federal government is good, it’s very, very good. 795 more words

No one much cares what happens to you

No one much cares what happens to you.

A group of study respondents were asked to react to this statement by choosing one of the following; 571 more words

Brain Health

For My Broken Heart

He gave to me all the pleasantries he could

I buried it in a small hole in the back yard.

He calmly stated the obvious to many… 156 more words


3 Quotes for Oscar In Prison

Hostility toward the prison guards who watched them and escorted them and fed them. The prison guards who degraded them as they carried out their menial tasks. 173 more words

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