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Chapter 18

Everything grew silent. At first, she hadn’t noticed the weight of what her girlfriend had said–she perceived it as she would have if she had just answered about the conversation. 2,881 more words

Lilly Shell

A Different Kind of Book Review: Living Life Backwards by Peter Wells

Randy shifted his weight in the uncomfortable straight-back wooden chair.  He was afraid to grasp the handle of the delicate teacup though he was thirsty for the hot tea.  1,589 more words


Chapter 17

“What are you doing here?!” Even Kusoke’s voice resonated with anger. Her emotionless demeanor had been entirely abandoned in her rage, and she pushed Rishana further into the wall. 3,998 more words

Lilly Shell

Put the SERVE Back in Public Service - 5 Ways Government Leaders Can Rebuild Trust

Is it my imagination or was there once a time when government service was considered a noble and worthy endeavor?

Elected representatives, appointed officials, and even hired employees viewed public service as a calling rather than a job, inspired by ideals such as self-sacrifice, civic duty, compassion, patriotism, and social justice. 712 more words



The Pink Warrior
The girl who became a woman too soon,
who was plucked before she bloomed and
was burnt by sun before holding the moon. 39 more words

The most cliché thing i've ever written. sorry

i get jealous when someone else has your attention

that sounds conceited, but it’s not because i am needy or insecure (maybe)

i just don’t want someone else to realise how amazing you are and for them to steal you away from me… 61 more words

The Box Of Time And Space

The cost of Target's data breach

Almost eight months after Target first revealed a data breach had compromised millions of its customers’ credit and debit card information, the company is drilling down on what exactly the hack will cost shareholders (other than a CEO and a substantial dose of consumer trust). 238 more words