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A World of Distrust and Evil Connotations/Un Mundo de Desconfianza y Malas Connotaciones

Yes have faith, show yourself friendly, turn the other cheek, but I’m afraid to say this isn’t the world we are living in today, anyone who shakes your hand or who smiles with you or at you is not a friend and anyone who yells at you is not your enemy. 207 more words

Picking up the Pieces After the Betrayal of Cheating


It must be cellular: Men and women automatically feel humiliated when their partner cheats, even though they themselves have done nothing to be ashamed of. 479 more words

Live Your Life For You

The Hurt List

I did what might sound like an odd exercise over the weekend. I’d been having a lot of issues when it came to dating. Issues with myself. 855 more words


Ill-mannered and Disrespectful

Talking stupid and out of anger and guilt, I may have never been allowed to write such entry. There’s no way out of this situation for I am certainly not the one stuck in it. 473 more words

Identification and Distrust in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

In J.K. Rowling’s sixth installment of her fame-claiming series “Harry Potter”, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, loyalties not only among characters, but also between author, implied-author, and audience are put through the paces in a highly emotional cavalcade. 1,817 more words


Obama's Losing the Trust of Americans

President Obama says he’s going to get rid of the ISIS state.

And ISIS will meet their fate.

But, yet he says. “No boots on the ground.” 119 more words


America get Bold

America, why aren’t we hearing the truth from our president?

Why is he allowing the possibility of Americans to be hit blindsided?

The truth is Americans are already being targeted. 123 more words