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Thought for the day

Vilification is most unsurprisingly the root cause of all distrust, disturbance and attrition. Yet more unfortunate, we seem to like it

– TheAVashe


The Arrival.

Good deeds and the seeds of my little heart, how can there exist no triumph. What do I try and squeeze my spirits into in hopes of complete fulfillment? 71 more words



The only way to make it through the day and the night and those early lonely hours is to turn. Turn away from the cares and worries. 126 more words



There are times in life when you wonder what the hell is going on.

You sense something is not right but you can’t put your finger on it. 1,094 more words

Austerity just for the craic!

It was once said of the Irish, that “all their wars were merry and all their songs are sad”. Without doubt many Irish ballads and sean-nós singing have a haunting air about them, expressing pain that is too difficult to describe in words, coming as it does from deeply hidden wells of history, of faded dreams, and of exploitation. 1,584 more words



While you reap the accolades
of the wonders you have made;
being feted round the town,
being introduced all round,
I’ll be bigger than before… 322 more words


Living with a liar – Realizing how much BS a person is capable of

Today, as I write this on Jan 25, 2015, I believe MH tells me the truth to 98%. But it has been a long journey. Back in March 2014 he started to admit to some things (e.g. 875 more words