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Saving Dapo XII

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Remi couldn’t look more surprised if he’d opened his eyes one morning and found Beyonce lying next to him.

Or maybe he would have. 2,522 more words


267. Faithless


Does it exist?

For some maybe…but yet?

I fear there is no hope for me;

For I cannot forget.


Fades like fog,

From the day which journeys on. 144 more words


we, the children of lost and lonely days

she, he, we the three,

tremble with untouched childhood,

shaking with distrust


Last day of treatment?

Sheesh! What a day.

I woke up this morning and weighed and had somehow gained FOUR pounds overnight! FOUR!

Naturally, I didn’t eat or drink anything the rest of the day before treatment. 388 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm

An Emotional Affair?

Is it really possible? Why is it considered just as bad as a sexual affair…. I’m going to get a little more vulnerable here and put myself out there in the hopes someone may be delivered from the lies that keep many still enslaved while also praying, the… 2,179 more words


Trust, forgiveness and everything in between....

I can remember being a little girl maybe eight or nine and doing something to break my dad’s trust.  I can’t conjure a memory of what exactly my offense was which is probably because it didn’t warrant such a consequence.   648 more words