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Trust, forgiveness and everything in between....

I can remember being a little girl maybe eight or nine and doing something to break my dad’s trust.  I can’t conjure a memory of what exactly my offense was which is probably because it didn’t warrant such a consequence.   648 more words

Trusting People part 2

Well, it’s not exactly the next day but here is the long part 2 to the Jack story…….. So a few weeks ago this kid Jack is at our house again plus Joey has his long time friend and neighbor staying over also, I’ll call him Billy.   611 more words

i distrust camels

i distrust camels, and anyone else who can go a week without a drink. friday quote



Turn apathy into anger
Turn fear into fury.
Turn around and run away.

Place trust in those who uplift you
Place value in good character. 30 more words



I am going to take my throwback Thursday to wrap around to this past weekend. Let’s go back to when I was a child…

Growing up, I don’t remember a whole lot about my father, except for him drinking a lot and never really being active in our lives, at least not sober. 608 more words

Throw Back Thursday

“Sometimes I feel so small and alone that it’s like death.
Yes, that’s what death is–the place where you can’t trust anybody.”

– Jonathan Carroll, Voice of Our Shadow


What Happens When We Don't Trust Each Other?

I tend to have a rather nuanced view of the human condition, people aren’t all bad and they’re not all good either. Still, I think a basic level of trust is helpful to get along in our world. 67 more words