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Learning Distrust

Inside every person is an embattled mind transfixed upon some sort of desire while being pulled from all directions by other competing forces that either foster or impede the desire. 704 more words


Affording Trust

Sometimes it’s good to trust a person, if for no other reason…to see if they’re worthy of it. Just make sure you can afford to be wrong! dwp 2014


"Trust Me"

Never trust a person who says, “you can trust me” because trustworthy people never have to utter these words…who they are will be evident.

dwp 2014



I sat here wondering what had I gotten myself into.

“Speaking to someone ill as myself, I thought a rare disease would cause kinship & this person wouldn’t want to throw it away.” I thought to myself disjointed, like a puzzle that’s been shaken to bits. 985 more words


No Access

Once my access code was removed I had no other responsibilities other than to answer the telephone at night and do the scheduling. They took from me my perks and shortly after the perks went away so went my hours. 87 more words

Managerial Malfeasance

Government as a low-trust environment

The US government is, deliberately and structurally, a low trust environment. Think about why we have a “system of checks and balances.” We have proudly created a government structure that is self-correcting and that incarnates our distrust of each branch of the government. 352 more words


Bread – Unsafe

Readings for Wednesday, July 23, 2014, designated by the 1979 Book of Common Prayer: Joshua 8:30-35; Rom. 14:13-23; Matt. 26:57-68; Psalms 49,53,119:49-72


In today’s reading from Joshua, there is the historical recounting of a covenant renewal ceremony between Israel and God, where Israel set up an altar, wrote the Law on the altar, and then had the Book of the Law read to them by Joshua. 938 more words