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An Emotional Affair?

Is it really possible? Why is it considered just as bad as a sexual affair…. I’m going to get a little more vulnerable here and put myself out there in the hopes someone may be delivered from the lies that keep many still enslaved while also praying, the… 2,179 more words


Trust, forgiveness and everything in between....

I can remember being a little girl maybe eight or nine and doing something to break my dad’s trust.  I can’t conjure a memory of what exactly my offense was which is probably because it didn’t warrant such a consequence.   648 more words

Trusting People part 2

Well, it’s not exactly the next day but here is the long part 2 to the Jack story…….. So a few weeks ago this kid Jack is at our house again plus Joey has his long time friend and neighbor staying over also, I’ll call him Billy.   611 more words

i distrust camels

i distrust camels, and anyone else who can go a week without a drink. friday quote



Turn apathy into anger
Turn fear into fury.
Turn around and run away.

Place trust in those who uplift you
Place value in good character. 30 more words



I am going to take my throwback Thursday to wrap around to this past weekend. Let’s go back to when I was a child…

Growing up, I don’t remember a whole lot about my father, except for him drinking a lot and never really being active in our lives, at least not sober. 608 more words

Throw Back Thursday

“Sometimes I feel so small and alone that it’s like death.
Yes, that’s what death is–the place where you can’t trust anybody.”

– Jonathan Carroll, Voice of Our Shadow