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When you meet another Christian for the first time, we usually get asked this question. “What church do you go to?” or “What denomination are you a part of?” Often people attach their identity to what church they go to or what group they are a part of. 874 more words

The One Body Of Christ

Tanka 15102014

fifteenth day
into this autumn month
between continuance
both parents


BELIEVE: The Lord's Prayer (The Other One - Part 3)

1. What type of animal was your favorite pet? What was its’ name?

2. From the music, sermon or service what truths or characteristics about God did you notice? 172 more words

Too Many I's

If there are too many I’s in our plans – God is not leading … we are.

Food For Thought

Four Causes Of Disunity Among The Ummah, Sh. Saalih Al-Fawzaan

1) Imported Methodologies

If we discard the methodology which our pious predecessors were upon and seek to introduce methodologies from here and there, we will become divided and every group will have its own methodology which differs from the others and every group will claim the others are mistaken. 208 more words