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3 bit Colour dithering!

After attempting a black and white version (http://hsel.co.uk/2014/09/03/floyd-steinbergesque-dithering-in-matlab/), I decided to further improve my algorithm through different methods. Currently, it uses a 3×3 macroblock size and white this works well for larger images and looks pretty cool, it doesn’t scale well with smaller images! 398 more words

new words new name new something

This blog needs a new name to better describe what it is – though the difficult part is that I don’t know what it is, I know what I want it to be, or at least some days I do and then other days I don’t. 9 more words

D65 7, second element: animation

Animation of the different layers of paint.

Click on the pictures below to see better. 6 more words