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Poetry War: Cheating Insomnia

Shamus O’Malley who lived in the valley once said with an arrogant wry,  “If Sally McNalley in East Central Bali consented to be by my side.   234 more words

Muse Snooze

Plenty to write

Nothing to say

Keep hanging on

Don’t go away


That's Just a Couple Syllables Short of Poetic

This particular post will be a bit shorter than most. I remembered something from my past and when it comes to mind it brings with it a minute or two of enjoyment even in its simplicity. 245 more words

Lynn Steigleder


What is a gap? 

What does Dr. O’Brien mean by minding the gap?

Why is it important to mind the gap while reading the narratives of the Hebrew Bible? 309 more words


#TBT - Paperboy - Ditty

I’ve seen the hardest dudes in clubs get up and dance to this platinum single, one-hit wonder. #Ditty


The Embarrassing Immature Allure of the Funny Filthy Ditty

And here’s a crude diagram to illustrate:

Sorry about the fold down the centre. It’s not a centrefold, I promise. Thankfully I’ve grown up slightly since I was eighteen and now I can do no wrong. 8 more words

Ode to a pork scratching

Oh little hairy friend

Crinkled, wrinkled and curled at the end

Dip you in sauce?

Well, of course

On that you can depend.

You crunch, you crack… 24 more words