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What is Genre?

Genre is the means of communication, or the styles/patterns/forms/structures on how the author form his/her works. Whether it is literature or spoken, audial or visual, it might be affected by the author’s personality and culture. 299 more words


First Night Design | The Musical Boy by James Thomas Fields - irresistible ditty

Manuscript Abstract Pillow

The Musical Boy by James Thomas Fields 1817-1881

It is a ruthless, toothless wight
Who dwells beside a wall,
And spends his time in singing songs… 213 more words

Art & Design


What is genre? Why is it important? How does it help us in our reading of the Bible?

Genre – is a generally established standard of way of communication… 314 more words

OT 151 - 2014

Eye Fly

Whilst sitting down to lunch today I spied a flitting fly,
Antennae twitched it caught a whiff, for my fare dove from the sky
I flailed my arms and yelled “Gerroff! 19 more words


Bazaart collage : Ditty of media without rhymes.

Close your eyes, be quiet, cover your ears.
Audacious will end badly, for them you are a puppet in theirs hands. You want to do so require ?

17 more words

Little Gull

Sung (in my head) to the tune of “Little Ghost”, by the White Stripes

Little gull, little gull, there is talk of a cull!
Of your squawking folks have rightly had enough. 23 more words