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Driving by the litre

Talking to a bloke named Pete. Who often parked across the street. Nice fellow, on hard times. Never contemplated crime. I have to admit he was not in his glory but prepared to listen he told me a story. 127 more words


Sun Dog

When the sky is powder blue and the sun’s rays leave a stinging glow of pleasure. I see the dog has joined me in a lazy pause of leisure. 77 more words


Post Referendum

“Come hail the expatriate Scot. The one who knew not his lot. As of freedom ‘hold your nose and jump.’
The ones up for that had left the…”


The clapper

The clapper is the most

important part of the theatre arrangement,

Sitting above the cast and crew

the clapper (usually a he or a she) 30 more words



What are Dr. Zakovitch’s ideas on how the writers of the Hebrew Bible made Jacob not as bad as he seems to be? Do you agree with his assessments? 335 more words


Poem: From A Bunch

I wrote two poems about budgies yesterday but somehow managed to accidentally delete them both. The poems were about how I’m not, repeat not, having a nervous breakdown. 175 more words


McDermott claims that “the Biblical story has so many theological and legendary elaborations that it cannot be read as strict history.” What are his arguments? Do you agree with him? 311 more words