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Tigress in my butterfly net.

I won’t be glib, of course I fib, It’s plainly written ‘cross my face.
I can’t deny – I try to lie! – but you can tell I’m out of place. 31 more words



Before you look into those eyes, there is something you should know,
Where once you thought your mind was grown, confusion she will sow.
For she may not be like other girls, she may just be a witch, 60 more words



In the glade aside the lake, resplendent lays the guileless snake,
Of not one jot will he partake the simpering role of fool.
Steal the contents of a bladder, if you think this artful adder, 56 more words


Supply and Demand

Today there’s a 2-for-1 on my poems (in keeping with the challenge of the day!)

Supply and Demand

“Supply and Demand!”
Was the salesman’s command… 77 more words


Wrote a Song About It! Like to Hear It? Here it Goes! ♪♫

So, in the mornings, I make my coffee, take my medication, and start to thaw this sleeping brain of mine.  I read blogs and other snippets from favorite… 200 more words

Peculiar Posits

Self-describing ditty

An acrostic is a clever verse
Composed in such a way that,
Reading the letters wherefrom
Originates each line of the ditty,
Some intelligible word or phrase… 16 more words

A Little Ditty of Designer DIY's

Hello Transition-Weather Tina’s!

At this meeting the always amazing Fashion Club did it again with an amazing workshop! This time we did a Designer DIY (we are the designers!) and the ideas that the members had took the ideas they found on the internet and made it their own! 169 more words