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Poetry War: Despising Insomnia, part 4

I Despise waking up at 3am.  And now it’s miserably cold.  It has to be 40 degrees outside, and the forecast says it’s going to be in the 30’s at night for several days.   399 more words


Episode 59: On The Home Straight....

The end is getting so near now

I’m starting to see through the fog

Only 3 more days of this pressure

In daily posting my blog! 113 more words


Episode 57: Oh No, Christmas Is Coming!

There’s only 4 weeks until Christmas

And I’ve not even started my shop

No presents, no food, and no booze yet

 I don’t even have any pop! 84 more words



According to the lecturer, why is the book of 2 Samuel an example of good history?

How did she support her view? Do you agree with her? 325 more words


Today's Funky 4: Snoop Dogg, Ciara & More

Today on the Funky 4 Plus One More, we played songs from Snoop Dogg and Ciara. Check out all the songs we played, plus,  46 more words


Episode 51: Ode to NaBloPoMo

I set myself a challenge

To write a post a day

For the whole month of November

Well, I have a lot to say!

I started pretty strongly… 113 more words