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Cheating Yourself

I read a short story last night that focused on a young woman’s experience dating a married man. It was called “Dive Bar” by Katherine Heiny… 320 more words


Cooks Corner

Rode my motorcycle out to Cook’s Corner for the first time. It might just be my new favorite bar.

Biker Bar

The ONLY Rules You Need to Follow at the Bar

For those of you who actually know me, you are probably in disbelief that I’m writing about this.  Of all people, ME, yes, ME—the girl notorious for not following bar rules—is deciding to write about bar etiquette and the method to the madness I like to call surviving the night out.  1,062 more words


When you are neurotic as hell, the trick is to appear casual. Pretend to be a person who doesn’t care. This has been easier to achieve as I get older, but was much more difficult to hide when I was younger (and pre-Wellbutrin). 220 more words


Johnnie's (on Glenn)

Free peanuts / pretzels, cheap beer, pool + pinball, what’s not to like about Johnnie’s on Glenn?! This is definitely a dive bar, not a ‘grill’ as the sign out front may imply, but it is my absolute favorite in town. 65 more words


The Long Road, Vol. 2: The Songstress and the Dive

I stopped at the first hotel I could find. The hotel clerk was a grey-haired man with eyes like dull, unsharpened pencils. He only sort of watched me come in with one eye half fixed on an old Canadian Geographic magazine that was rounded at the corners due to repeated use. 1,172 more words

The Long Road

Tom 365 - November 10, 2014

From the Land of Sky Blue Waters.

An unnamed and abandoned bar on Lincoln Avenue.