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A popular teen fiction is the book Divergent, by Veronica Roth, and for good reason.  This book follows Tris (Beatrice) Prior as she finds herself becoming a true heroine.   697 more words

General miscellany

1) Whenever I prepare a storytime, I take a little slip of paper and list everything I’m going to read/sing and list it, but then I move things around, or I don’t fill in all the slots… so as part of my effort to make my storytimes run more smoothly, and, frankly, have planning go more smoothly, I made these storytime slips. 597 more words

Are you divergent?

Many persons have read the book or watched the movie Divergent. The society is divided into five factions based on what they prioritise. Abnegation: the selfless, Erudite: the intelligent, Dauntless: the brave, Amity: the peaceful and Candor: the honest. 275 more words

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Watch: Yahoo Movies Shares the Deleted #Divergent Butter Knife Scene

One of the most notably absent scenes in Divergent was the scene that fans have dubbed the “butter knife” scene. Many argued that by cutting the scene from the film, viewers missed out on some of the character development for Peter (played by Miles Teller). 78 more words



Did you know… the author of Divergent is only 25 years old? 25 years old and has written three books?! My friend told me this news yesterday. 368 more words

Top Authors Whose Books I Own

So, yeah, it’s almost Wednesday again, but I’ll make this quick.

Top Ten Tuesday is a book meme created by The Broke and the Bookish… 192 more words


Divergent deleted scene shows famous 'butter knife' scene with Ben Lamb via Yahoo Movies

Yahoo Movies has released the deleted scene that I know all Fambs have been waiting for – or at least I know I have! I can’t say that I was thrilled when I was watching Divergent for the firs time and not only did Edward not get his chance to kick Peter’s ass, but he never got stabbed in the eye. 429 more words

Ben Lamb