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Hey, Look, This Book Has a Jacob Too!: Divergent Chapters 9 & 10

Tris joined Dauntless and began the daunting initiation. [Matthew says: Oh my God, I just got it.] Dauntless tasks for Tris include wearing eyeliner for the first time, getting a tattoo, and buying new clothes from the local Hot Topic. 2,242 more words


Allegiant by Veronica Roth

In order to read third books after I’ve slogged through the first and second painful words in the trilogy, I often have to convince myself through a series of giant, brain-numbing lies that the author was trolling me for two books and will now proceed to fulfill every hope, glass-half-full dream, and prayer to Apollo in the final book. 1,486 more words


Divergent (The movie)

Today I watched the movie Divergent. Here’s what I have to say about it. Spoilers ahead.

Based On A Book

Divergent Book Review

About 2 years ago, I picked up Divergent from my local book shop and let’s just say I never regretted spending the money on it!  349 more words


The True Meaning of Psychotic

Someone in one of my summer classes said something the other night that really bothered me. He described the main character of Divergent (a book we are required to read for class) as psychotic because she seems “all over the place.” He said that her emotions are always changing, making her psychotic. 678 more words


I'm back!

Hello I’m back and now I’m 11!!  But please don’t expect to much out of me because I can get pretty busy sometimes. So I’ll try and get 2 to 3 blog posts a month. 363 more words


Honest Trailer: 'Divergent' is just 'The Hunger Games' minus games

Divergent and fellow young-adult series The Hunger Games have a few things in common—enough things to confuse Screen Junkies, creators of the always-amusing Honest Trailers… 170 more words