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Insurgent Trailer!!!


So a couple days a go that actual trailer for Insurgent came out. *cue  people screaming* If you haven’t heard of the Divergent trilogy then that proves that you been living under a rock for the past idk 2-3 years. 67 more words


In Case You Missed It: Film News


New revelations from the devastating Sony hacking have been coming in full force this week, with everything from producer Scott Rudin’s unsavoury opinions of Angelina Jolie to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s arguably narrow-minded views on the talents of every actress that isn’t Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren, coming into focus. 698 more words


Insurgent 'Defy Reality' Trailer - trailer talk

  • The. Editing. Is. Beautiful. It’s always the first thing I look out for when I watch a trailer because editing videos used to be my hobby for a long time so seeing how great the trailer flows is wonderful to me.
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"Divergent"- Veronica Roth

Tris lives in a world where society is divided up into 5 factions: Amity (the peaceful), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Candor (the honest), and Erudite (the intelligent). 557 more words

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They Go Back To Dauntless Because The Story Is Out Of Places: Insurgent Chapters 23 and 24

Chapter 23

Having just decided on new Dauntless leadership in order to leave the faction that’s not even subtly about to betray them, the leader of that faction announces over the HQ intercom that they’re going to betray them. 1,122 more words


Favorite Book of the Month

My favorite book of the month is Insurgent by Veronica Roth. It’s the sequel to Divergent which is now a movie. To be able to understand the second book; I highly recommend reading… 144 more words

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