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Thank you, bits of coding.

I’m not sure if I should be tickled or feel like Borg or anticipate the Singularity or what, but it cracks me up how websites are wishing me a happy birthday. 13 more words


What kind of writer are you?

What kind of fiction writer are you?

You’re an ocean swimmer:

The literary ocean is big enough for everyone. You don’t see other writers as competition, but rather fellow swimmers, and you’re always ready to reach out and help others stay afloat. 82 more words


Traffic Plan for the 18 October PPP Jalsa , Karachi ...

Deputy Inspector General Police, Traffic issued  Press Release regarding the Traffic Plan for the 18 October for the convenience of Public .. 6 more words


New Global Universities Ranking: Shock Results

US dominates new global ranking

Exciting news that US News is producing a new global universities ranking. In an extraordinary related development another league table, the “World Series Ranking”, seeks to trump this and has published a top 20 which bears a remarkable similarity to the US national top 20: 138 more words


Friday's answers

Andrei and J. Bloggs posed the questions.

If  the answers given aren’t right they can claim a virtual bunch of asparagus by leaving the correct ones below.


Thursday's quiz

You’re doing so well with the questions I’m leaving them up to you again.

There’s no need to follow my 5 question formula.

Anyone who stumps us all will win a virtual bunch of  asparagus with Whitestone Windsor blue cheese .


Go Go Gadget... Things and Uses

Some days I get distracted. Diversions into the internet start off with a clear purpose and then meander off-course to become unproductive and unnecessary. But one of the great rewards of my work is that many other days, diversions become useful in unexpected ways. 300 more words

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