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How much do you believe in?

How much do you believe in?

You believe in 6 out of 99 mysteries and unexplained phenomena!

You’re a skeptic. You’re not impressed by anything that hasn’t been definitively backed by science. 19 more words


Friday's answers

Thursday’s questions were:

1. What does He kai kei aku ringa mean?

2. What are puku, ringa and upoko and waewae?

3.Which group launched… 161 more words


Dogs Experience Jealousy - Scientific American

Dogs Experience Jealousy – Scientific American.

Understanding jealousy is an important matter, because of the damage this emotion can trigger. “Jealousy is the third-leading cause of non-accidental homicide across cultures,” said lead study author Christine Harris, an emotion researcher at the University of California, San Diego.


Thursday's quiz

1. What does He kai kei aku ringa mean?

2. What are puku, ringa,  upoko and waewae?

3.Which group launched Poi E?

4.  Who said: “But I would hope however, that the diversity and differences that we have amongst and between us, we should see as a strength and as something we should celebrate rather than fear.” 6 more words


Video game scholarships

League of Legends becomes a varsity sport

Inside Higher Ed has a story about an Illinois university which has decided to make ‘League of Legends’ a varsity sport and award a number of scholarships to boot: 293 more words


What's your gender mix?

What’s your gender mix?

Your Gender Mix is:

37% Female : 63% Male

You’re the type of person who is completely comfortable representing both sides of the gender divide. 60 more words


Diversion: The Large Association of Movie Blogs meetup 2014

I don’t remember what the Vern (left) and I were talking about, but I bet it was exciting!
Photo: Fredo Castil

They came from all over the country: from colonial New England, the southwestern desert, the icy climes of the north, the heartland, and the state of mind that can only be described as “Texas.” They came by car, by plane, by Greyhound bus, and they brought their women (and their men) with them. 510 more words