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Making Top Colleges Less Aristocratic and More Meritocratic

Education is supposed to be America’s primary engine for social mobility, but growing economic inequality is vividly reflected in our nation’s top colleges. At the nation’s most selective 193 colleges and universities, affluent students (those from the richest socioeconomic quarter of the population) outnumber economically disadvantaged students (those from the bottom quarter) by 14 to 1.

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U.T. Is Poised to Collaborate With Mexico on Research Projects

Randall Charbeneau, an assistant vice chancellor for research at theUniversity of Texas System, was surprised to learn that the system did not have an agreement with Mexico to foster student and faculty exchanges and research collaboration.

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Diverse Wine...Random Sunday Morning Musings

How important is “career” to you?

My daughter commented once that I define myself by my career.  That surprised me.  I grew up in a man’s world, had no concept of “career” and have always been primarily impassioned by my family and closest friends, followed by music and writing.  733 more words


When Success is Born Out of Serendipity

by Frans Johansson
October 19, 2012

Eight years ago I published a book, The Medici Effect, that examines how and why groundbreaking ideas occur at the intersection of different cultures, industries, and disciplines. 1,256 more words


Ferguson tragedy becoming a farce - By Dana Milbank Opinion writer September 12 at 2:29 PM

What happened in Ferguson, Mo., last month was a tragedy. What’s on course to happen there next month will be a farce.

October is when a grand jury is expected to decide whether to indict the white police officer, Darren Wilson, who killed an unarmed black teenager by firing at least six bullets into him. 353 more words


Dreams deferred: Latino voters caught between reform and realpolitik - by Haya El Nasser September 12, 2014 5:00AM ET

In run-up to midterm elections, advocates for change in immigration law disappointed by postponement of executive action

Immigration rights advocates have loudly expressed anger, frustration and betrayal this week after President Barack Obama reneged on a promise and delayed taking executive action on immigration reform until after the midterm elections. 293 more words


Role of Technology Growing in Realm of College Advising

A new mobile phone app that nudges students to perform certain tasks that are part of the college admissions process. College advisers who interact with students via Skype.

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