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Undocumented Undergrads Continue to Face Challenges

Undergraduates who are in the United States illegally face numerous challenges in their pursuit of a higher education, including anxieties about paying for college, fears of deportation, and worries about being accepted on campuses, according to a report released on Monday by the University of California at Los Angeles.

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Having a Diversity Officer Doesn’t Mean Mission Accomplished

Even for those colleges and universities that value diversity to the extent that they have a dedicated officer or dean of diversity, problems of inclusion and support for faculty and students of color may still be an institutional challenge.

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What Do You Mean by "Diversity"?

My kids see a picture of Harriet Tubman, and say, “Scary!” because they associate her dark skin with shadows. Their cousin announces, “There are NO girl super heroes!”, and we break out into the Wonderwoman theme song. 553 more words

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In an Evolving Career Landscape, How Should Colleges Prepare Students?

By all accounts, the career paths of today’s students will hardly resemble those of their parents. So what are colleges doing to help them prepare?

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More, More, More...Books for Young Interracial Readers

The Washington Post ran an essay today by Nevin Martell, who had trouble finding books that featured interracial characters for his son. Martell points out that, even as there is a lack of diversity in children’s books, “there is a depressing dearth of interracial ones.” And, the books that are out there (like in these lists in… 129 more words


Semantics of Reaction

             If I announce I am tolerant of a race other than White, it would be a lie. It would also be untrue of me to say I tolerate homosexuality, Christianity, Atheism, or people with disabilities. 986 more words


Guest Post: How to Create Diverse Characters

by Kimberly Mitchell

With the launch of the #weneeddiversebooks campaign last spring, the idea of diversity in children’s writing is everywhere these days. As the diverse books movement moves forward, all writers of kid lit should consider how to create diversity in their work. 834 more words

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