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Mickey Z. on climate change

Mickey Z. (in English) at 3:59 and 5:18

(Yes, I spoke at length about animal agriculture…but they opted not to use it)

"Anarchists try to identify power structures"

Like so many words and concepts, “anarchism” seems to mean something different to everyone who spouts it. As my vegan/anarchist/yogi friend Jessica once said: “Sometimes people think that yoga and anarchism is about ‘doing whatever you feel.’ but actually, it’s about taking great care of others, which takes a tremendous amount of discipline and courage.” 202 more words

This December 24: Merry I.F. Stone Day

“Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.” (I.F. Stone)

December 24 is I.F. Stone‘s birthday (he would have been 107).   723 more words

A Little Idea (video)

Like many martial artists of my generation, I viewed Bruce Lee as a catalyst and inspiration for my own studies. In fact, I specifically opted to take up his original style of Wing Chun Kung Fu. 159 more words

Bhopal: 30 Years of Struggle and Survival (Interview with Reena Shadaan)

Reena Shadaan: “It’s been three decades of mobilization against what is now the second biggest chemical corporation in the world and the Government of India. As the 30th anniversary approaches, much of the wider goals remain the same (assessment and clean-up of the site, holding the Dow Chemical Company accountable legally, etc.); however, many important successes have been won as well. 88 more words