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In which I rant

I am so tired of explaining diversity issues to people who are so close to understanding and yet are not quite there yet because they are the ones who you really have to work on to get them to concede that, for example, microaggressions exist. 191 more words


The Outs

One show that I keep coming back to is “The Outs.” I should be over it. The show’s run ended about two years ago in 2012, but I still return to it and watch the episodes. 277 more words

Book Review - Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

How in love am I with this book?

Let me count the ways. From the very first page, I stopped to reread passages that took my breath away, that made me want to hug this book to me and never let it go. 660 more words

Book Recommendations

Why Diverse Heroes Make Better Video Games

As we all know, there’s currently a massive political argument going on right now that is, ostensibly, about video games and representation. The argument, on one side, more or less boils down to that there’s no reason to put anybody other than a brown-haired thirtyish white guy in a video game as the hero, and it’ll somehow ruin games if we do. 568 more words


Permaculture's the way to go

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and stumbled across this really neat permaculture mandala. I’m unsure who drew this lovely piece of art, so if anyone knows, please let me know so I can properly credit it. 52 more words

What does it mean to depend on others? (Translated by Jack Xu)


What does it mean to depend on others?

We are all human, but our intelligence levels vary greatly.

The wise and the immoral, although different, all use rhetoric to sweet talk and defend ourselves, which is why the unwise leaders become muddled in their judgement. 249 more words