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An open letter from Jesus

Dear Christians,

It’s me, Jesus.  You know, the Son of God, the Savior of mankind, Emmanuel and all that.  So…We need to talk.  I know it’s rude of me to just show up out of the blue like this, but you’ve got me a little bummed out, and, frankly, I just had to speak up. 558 more words

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The beauty handicap: Here's how one woman climbed the mobile app ladder

Joana Picq is pretty. There’s no getting around it.

She has blond hair. Sparkling blue eyes. Olive skin. But that’s just the outside.

She also speaks four languages. 940 more words


Inequities - Experienced by Some - Threaten All

Several days ago I received an email from Marketplace with the subject line: Forget the 1%. The 0.01% owns 12% of all wealth in America. When I clicked through, things got worse: Around 50 percent of the US population has zero net wealth. 237 more words

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Diversity is Coming to Late-Night TV

Dominated by white male personas for decades, late-night TV may finally be getting a long-deserved dose of diversity.

Read / listen to a recent story on NPR’s Morning Edition… 18 more words

Ramblings of a White Girl: Colorblindness

*Note* This post is written by a white girl, from the perspective of a white person, for white people. But feel free to read it even if you don’t classify yourself as Caucasian/white.* 655 more words

Pageant Winners Take the Crown at Towson University Diversity Event

The Mr. and Miss of the African Diaspora Club at Towson University have been crowned.

Towson University’s African Diaspora Club hosted its 6th annual “ADC Charity Ball” along with the “Mr. 563 more words


Diversity in the University

I can only speak for my school, which I will not name, but most of the things I say are based on my experience here. This is kind of a disclaimer, so don’t get offended or something and sue me. 582 more words

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