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More Women on Boards: It's the Economy, Stupid

by Cydney Posner

When the Chair of the SEC and the editors of Bloomberg both think it’s worth getting on their soapboxes to promote the same issue, maybe it’s time for public companies to pay attention. 1,198 more words

Corporate Governance

Idea 32: Consulting without Consultancies


The last decade has seen many industries enter a period of increasingly rapid change and ever faster corporate “boom and bust” cycles.Worldwide connectivity, increasing global lifespans, smart technologies, and information overload are just some of the drivers reshaping how we think about work and how we create value. 613 more words

Community is Messy

True community is messy. Always.

Everybody wants it, but so few are willing to sacrifice themselves for it, not realizing that it’s impossible to develop true community without self-sacrifice. 425 more words

Christian Life

Leadership Babble: Diversity, traits, and theories

Leadership theories have developed and evolved throughout history (Northouse, 2014). Although the theory descriptions unanimously revolve around the role of leaders, their effect on people, and methods of production, each one offers their own spin on what the key to effectiveness fits. 752 more words


New Book Feature

Bombay Blues by Tanuja Desai Hidier

In BORN CONFUSED, Indian-American just-turned-17-year-old Dimple Rohitbhai Lala found love, friendship, art, and home where she least expected it. But a lot’s gone on in the years that have followed. 60 more words

Note by Note, Music is Communicating. Plus 10 Interesting Things of 1990

How music moulds our moods and helps provide a common ground to communicate.

There has been no better way to spend the last 15-plus years than understanding, creating and delivering communication and stakeholder strategies. 1,491 more words


Don't get offended but I just want to ask...

Ooof…whenever someone starts a question with that, I cringe inwardly and mentally prepare myself for whatever BS they’re going to ask me. Over the last 22 years, I have been asked and not limited to the following questions: 131 more words