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Lessons to be learned?

In looking at the ongoing events in Ferguson, there’s a desire on the part of most White people (consciously White, not the deluded ‘colorblind ones) to find some silver lining, to hope that lessons might be learned. 989 more words

UCLA Academic Senate approves diversity-related course requirement

The Legislative Assembly of the UCLA Academic Senate has given final approval to a proposal requiring all UCLA College undergraduates to complete a course focused on diversity.


The diversity of prejudice

By Adam Reno

Even in our enlightened society, undue prejudice is still rampant. Some people might think that prejudices would lessen with the increased education and communication present today, but they actually continue to grow in both subtle and blatant ways. 1,082 more words


I Am White

I am white, privileged they say. I am so much more than my skin color and so are you. I never refer to myself as white except on forms, and it’s uncomfortable to me to talk about race because I prefer to think of us all as humans, part of the human race. 537 more words

44: Creative Criteria - Big Idea

The next creative criteria I wanted to explore is the concept of having a big idea or theme that can be used in multiple executions. A really big idea is usually one that can extend to many different types of media while still getting the same message across. 514 more words

Project 54

On Ferguson: Diverse Books for Change

I in no way want to take the focus off of something that I think is truly important right now, but this is a difficult subject and many people have many opinions on it. 455 more words

General Posts

Conflict Resolution Workshop for DiverseU at University of Montana

DiverseU recently gave NCBI an opportunity to facilitate a conflict resolution workshop during their week long diversity awareness program at the University of Montana. Participants worked through various conflicts faced in the work place and personal lives after trainers Katie Koga and Sarah Fielding gave them tactful skills based on the NCBI conflict resolution model. 10 more words