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Elections 2014 -- Washington, DC Demographics

… the October 30, 2014, New York Times story Changing Demographics May Tip Balance in Race for Mayor in Washington states “Washington, D.C., traditionally leans to the left, but changing demographics and a weariness over Democrats’ corruption scandals may help independents and Republicans break through …” The story reviews demographic change and possible implications for a changing political landscape in the Nation’s capital. 512 more words

I'll Keep Halloween, Thanks!

My daughter is not yet school-aged. When my stepson was alive, kids were still allowed to have fun at Halloween; remember that, way back, when people realized that though Halloween may have roots in some form or religion (depending on your view), it is mostly now just about letting kids dress up and have some fun and get some candy? 328 more words


Even Educators Could Use Some Enlightenment Sometimes

Despite the best of intentions, educators do not always understand where students and their families are coming from. I learned of this troubling lack of enlightenment and compassion among some educators at an education studies graduate school function in 2012. 594 more words


While some of us were raised in a household that rejected the mere existence of Halloween, others of us have fond memories of searching for the best white sheets for our costumes or sauntering through the neighborhood with blood thirsty expressions hunting for the house with the best treats to devour! 352 more words


Diversifying the board

Until recently, the subject matter of board diversification was merely an exercise in corporate social responsibility (CSR), ethics, morality and regulatory compliance. Although the subject matter is nothing new under the sun, discussions surrounding board diversification have progressed well beyond the moral imperative to a new paradigm. 571 more words