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MHC Divest: The Fight for Climate Justice at Mount Holyoke

MHC Divest is a campaign organized by the Mount Holyoke Climate Justice Coalition (CJC). Our focus on justice arises from the need to bring attention to the global inequity of the current economic system, and the effects of climate change. 440 more words

Fossil Fuel Divestment

The fossil fuel industry has a death grip on our civilization. Although most politicians understand the imminent and catastrophic danger of climate change, most have done nothing to fight for international and local climate policy that will limit carbon emissions. 385 more words

Fossil fuel divestment is gaining momentum ... or is it?

It is looking like the fossil fuel divestment movement is gaining steam. From what started off as an effort that successfully got Australian National University to divest from the stock of companies that are involved in the production or extraction of fossil fuels has grown. 522 more words

Procter & Gamble is acknowledging the death of the single-use battery

Earlier this year, Procter & Gamble announced that it planned to get rid of as many as 100 brands in an effort to slim down the company. 383 more words

Western Lessons

I have crossed the American West, particularly Montana, several times in the last two years. The first time was by car, via Interstates 90 and 84, when some friends and I were traveling from Seattle to Friends General Conference (FGC). 1,980 more words

Stories To Think About

Curbing Carbon Emissions Through Divestment: Will Georgetown be Next? - Georgetown International Environmental Law Review

Curbing Carbon Emissions Through Divestment: Will Georgetown be Next?

By Hampden MacBeth, Staff Contributor

In response to climate change concerns, fifteen higher education institutions worldwide have divested from the fossil fuel industry. 627 more words


Oil, Hoax, and Gas

The Hoax

This Thursday, October 16, 2014, a strange article was circulated claiming that Tufts University is divesting from oil companies while drilling for a recently-discovered pocket of natural gas under Curtis Hall. 557 more words