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Fighting Climate Change With Reality Drop, Humane Population Regulation, and More!


Speaking Out:

You Can Help Fight Climate Change with Reality Drop, a project by theClimate Reality Project, to combat the rampant online misinformation about climate change and its solutions, especially clean energy. 537 more words

China, India Grow Clean Energy, As US Watches, and More!



As an example of US trade policy in action, an Oregon photovoltaics maker says it willexpand its factory by nearly 40%, adding 200 employees to its nearly 800 workforce, 244 more words

Getting down to business - divest from fossil fuels

If we want to keep temperatures from changing more than a few degrees Celsius, then we need to keep most of the oil, gas and coal in the ground. 485 more words

Climate Change

Why UCT should divest from fossil fuels

Written for Fossil Free UCT

The thinning of our polar ice caps is frightening  I truly fear for the lives of my grandchildren. – Leon Lederman, Director Emeritus, Fermilab; Nobel laureate (Physics, 1988) 6,352 more words

Climate Change

Support for divestment grows among faculty!

Faculty support for fossil fuel divestment has been growing rapidly this Fall, with over 100 faculty endorsements to date. This campaign is more than just students. 29 more words


Why College of the Marshall Islands is divesting from fossil fuels - and why your institution should too

A few weeks ago I was called into the office of the President of the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI) Carl Hacker, to discuss his big announcement: that he would be pushing for CMI to divest from fossil fuels. 810 more words

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The irony in the rallies.

So today there were a bunch of rallies all around Sproul plaza. That is the main entrance path to the university I attend. Some context first: there is a football game (not soccer) coming up between Cal and Stanford. 221 more words

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