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Summer's End

You know that summer is ending

When the air fills with the pealing ring

Of wild geese flying in the sky, seeking to outrun

The oncoming… 29 more words


The story of North County: How America is in a perpetual state of reconstruction

If you’re white, you’re from North St. Louis County (or anywhere, really), and you’re not having an agonized moment of self-reflection in the wake of events in Ferguson, thinking back over all the moments in your life where you could’ve done better, and how you can do better in the future, I’m not sure what to say. 3,640 more words

Breaking the Divide

As someone who was born and bred in Yorkshire, I grew up in an era where England’s North – South divide became more prevalent than ever before. 1,712 more words

A Cake for Three

Alex and Lisa are staring at a round chocolate cake.

“Well? What are we waiting for?” asks Alex, confused.

“How do you plan to divide it evenly?” replies Lisa. 714 more words


Simple Pleasure:

Simple pleasure:

Getting to my own home

Work day over

Gridlock avoided

Attention undivided.


In response to 20140824: day 236
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Africans, Africans, Look at our skin-Somalia

“Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (president of Liberia)

“We are not a commodity in the hands of bankers and politicians”; “They do not represent us”; “If you won’t let us dream, we will not let you sleep”; “No hay pan para tanto chorizo.” (“There’s not enough bread for so much sausage”: a pun on the double meaning of chorizo, which means both “sausage” and “crook.”) Weed HIP HOP #HIPHOP JAY Z…

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Video: Kaz: Pushing The Virtual Divide Gran Turismo Documentary by Auto Blog Via

Posted on 09.1.2014 18:00 by Kirby Garlitos +

Anybody who has ever played Gran Turismo owes a good deal of debt of gratitude to creator Kazunori Yamauchi, the architect behind the game’s birth and breath-taking fifteen-12 months evolution. 29 more words