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Where's Superman? Solving the Digital Divide


Brian Hall argues that smart phones have bridged the digital divide (see above article link). I would argue that smart phones have helped alleviate the physical barriers but they are not the absolute solution. 319 more words

Multiplying or Dividing?

If you have a list of 1000 subscribers or 5,000 fans or 10,000 supporters, you have a choice to make.

You can create stories and options and benefits that naturally spread from this group to their friends, and your core group can multiply, with 5,000 growing to 10,000 and then 100,000. 44 more words

CSS divide page into sections

We can divide the page into different sections using CSS and JQuery in the same page without calling server side. I load the elements in the first section by default. 397 more words


The Body Shop 'divide and multiply' mascara review

Personally I’m not one to be spending my cash in The Body Shop, because their products are quite pricey, but for my birthday earlier this year in the summer, my friend gifted me with this mascara. 235 more words

How can a simple substance divide us?

What is it about alcohol in a social atmosphere that separates people? Time and time again I’ve seen individuals pushed out or excluded from social gatherings simply because they didn’t want to drink. 232 more words


This week sounds like... the walls that divide

This week, I’m thinking of the walls that divide and the great distances that separate one person from another.  I’m thinking of the neighborhood lines in Chicago that cleanly divide one race from another.  135 more words