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#ENDfgfs | 'Meantime' Project #2

End fgfs always coming through with the production value. Bombtrack Divide looking good.



Divided endless rhymes,

Songs of life and will and lies

As we lay on charcoal dust

Stars and suns, part in us.

Song and verse, life and death, 72 more words


Spokane's School Divide

Some schools have it… some schools don’t.  Well actually, MOST schools don’t.  I’m talking about the “youth farm system”.  There are however suggestions as to how it happens.  647 more words

Masturbation - The Fruits Of Feminism And The Institutional Church Beast - Short Post!


The question must really be posed to the institutional church beast infrastructure as well as the feminist movement, when you began to demonise sex and render the male’s naturally high libido under the titles of “irritating” and “desires”, what did you really expect would be the end result? 1,909 more words

Stop the Divide

Many may remember that then Senator Barack Obama took to the campaign trail and ran in great part as the President who will finally bring everyone together. 757 more words


Jesus and My Workplace - Mark 3

What did I learn from Jesus that I can apply to my place of work?

1) Doing Good or Doing Nothing? (v1-6)
There were a many times where the religious scholars tried to catch Jesus doing something wrong.   428 more words


Put Up A Fight

We divide we plunder

We seize we attack

The Universe still

Fights back fights back