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Cut bugaboo into pieces

Seeing connections between two (or more) things that at first glance seem unconnected always fascinates.

Today after work I went for a swim. I’m not a pro swimmer, just a huge fan of water. 276 more words


Teaching students to THINK about math concepts

If you are the parent of a child currently in elementary school, you have likely noticed that the way your child is learning math concepts is different from when you were in school. 695 more words

Mathematical Concepts

Google releases invite-only Divide Productivity Preview Android app

Almost six months ago to the day, Google acquired an enterprise device management firm by the name of Divide. Today, the search giant quietly released a new… 160 more words


What is this digital divide?

When I first came upon this notion of digital divide I really had no clue what it is all about. So I looked into my good old friend google definitions for some help, it states that” A digital divide is an economic and social inequality according to categories of persons in a given population in their access to, use of, or knowledge of information and communication technologies (ICT)”      (Google,definitions). 119 more words


END FGFS 2nd Film | 2014 Team Issue

END FGFS just dropped this sick full length team edit. Tons of killer lines and tricks going on in here! Awesome filming and editing too. Sick to see a team so dedicated to make an awesome video.