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On the Sixth Day, God Created Borders

And on the sixth day, God looked upon Creation and said, “Let us create borders and divide up the land.” Wait . . . that’s not what it says. 330 more words

Oh the Vanity of Vanities

So I went to this party on the weekend and this is what I wore.

It’s basically a Tokyo fashion mash-up of random colourful items I have acquired over my days of thrift shopping & clothes swapping! 85 more words



(pls read and pass on. Its not long)

We pray for our country and for the Church.
For a hunger of the Almighty to sweep through the land. 101 more words


Review: Dualed by Elsie Chapman

Two of you exist. Only one will survive.

West Grayer is ready. She’s trained for years to confront her Alternate, a twin raised by another family. 598 more words


Where were you?

I’ve been hearing this a lot in my country on the Facebook and Twitter posts about Gaza. “Where were you when the Shi’a and Ahmedi Genocide was taking place? 271 more words

Small Book Haul!

Went on down to the good old Barnes & Noble yesterday. I’d actually thought that all big chain book stores had gone out of business (wow, I’ve been out of it), so it was a pleasant surprise to know that I can still buy overpriced books at Barnes and Nobles! 599 more words