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Divided (Part 4)

Hannah is so hot. Wavy brown hair, deep, chocolate brown eyes, and she’s tall. She has perfect skin, no freckles or the typical teenage acne. I think I’m in love. 296 more words


Town Once Run by a Polygamist Leader Divided

AP, Jan 2015

The town that was once controlled by polygamist leader Warren Jeffs before his arrest faces divisions between those who still follow his teachings, and others who wish to erase his mark from…

Time: 02:28


Mind defeats heart beats
The music plays she dances
The spell unbroken



Challenge the Stereotypes

Dear America,

Our culture survives on stereotypes. Girls wear skirts and dresses and makeup.  Boys sag their pants and have short hair.  Pretty girls are stupid.   138 more words


Divided (Part 3)

If you missed the previous parts of this story, you might want to view those to prevent any confusion.


Chaos. Frustrated shoppers and employees trapped in a mall, away from home. 867 more words


Division & Unity

“There may be different opinions in the Muslim society, but these can be expressed in an atmosphere of unity, brotherhood and love, not in an atmosphere of division, conflict and hatred. 81 more words