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sit here as long as you like

see if

you hear a message in your heart

or spot a sign in this blessed place

a warm feeling inside that makes you blush… 86 more words

Magickal Arts

Telling Thursday Pendulum

Now When I first bought a pendulum yesterday I thought that it was asking yes or no questions and it was kind of like a tea reading in the sense that it is one level. 360 more words


Today's Journey Tarot Mother Cards

The Mother cards from Today’s Journey Tarot express the matured Element in the nature of the feminine. Her character is influenced by the subconscious, intuitive, and emotional psyche. 238 more words

Daily Card for 8/21/2014: The Chariot

The Chariot

Here we have The Chariot, Rameses II leading the charge into battle. He holds his scepter upward in the “striking” gesture, a subordinate steers the chariot for him and holds up a curved blade. 137 more words


Today's Journey Tarot Card of the Day 8-21-14

8-21-14 Today’s Tarot is the Nine of Earth. A good day to work toward a goal. Abundance is all around just waiting to be mined. This card is about security and abundance.

Teresa Sue McAdams

An Introduction to my Ancestor's Feast - Samhain


Being of mixed ancestry I have created a ‘Samhain’ or Feast of the Ancestors Rite that combined the Hindu ancestral observance of Pitru/Pitri Paksha with aspects of my other spiritual lineage to call to and bless all that came before me. 837 more words

Divine Connection

Ancestor’s Feast Ritual - Samhain

The Shakti Shaman Ancestor’s Feast Rite:

The following is my personal Feast of the Ancestor’s rite, it combines elements of the Pitri/Pitru Paksha, the Hindu ancestral observance in the fall, and utilizes island shamanic portal and spirit work. 1,094 more words

Divine Connection