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Putting intention in all you do

Intention. Man oh man, do I love it! It’s such an easy thing to do. Making the mundane into the magical. Making the simple, small bits count. 194 more words

The Journey So Far

Our Fool has completed the fist part of his journey. No longer is he the same naïve young man he was when he left home. Now, he is older and wiser, gifted with the advice and counsel of the many people he has met and who helped him along on his way. 884 more words


Today's Journey Tarot Father Cards

The Father cards from Today’s Journey Tarot characterize the matured nature of the Element in the active expression of the masculine. Their character is influenced by the conscious, logical and physical psyche. 297 more words

Card Draw for August 30, 2014




Often times when we hear the word temptation, we think of something that is bad for us. But what if temptation is knocking at your door for different reasons? 76 more words

Oracle Cards

Book review: The Magical Powers of the Saints-Evocation and candle rituals

The book The Magical Power of the Saints: Evocation and Candle books was an interesting read. It was just what it states its about. The book focuses on Saints and candle magic and nothing else. 913 more words


Daily Card For 8/30/2014: 2 of Cups

Today’s card is the 2 of Cups. Here we have a what looks like a soldier returning from the front lines and is casually flirting with a woman. 288 more words



Welcome to Wulf Rose.

I set this blog up to act as a website that might circle round a few subjects, and see what comes into focus, and what might be possible. 120 more words