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The Quandary of a Psychic



For a while now as a Tarot Reader or Psychic. I have had my doubts. Am I truly Psychic or do I just have overly developed observational skills? 740 more words

Personal Path

the wild ways of knowing.

My first reading was inside of a hollow tree in an outdoor market in Waikiki.

Having a father deeply into the Occult and a practitioner of Witchcraft, I had handled my father’s Rider-Waite deck before, using them like playing cards and pouring over the imagery. 575 more words


Working with Crystal Skulls and activating them

When finding a crystal skull to work with, it is a joint effort as the crystal skull also chooses you as their guardian. We feel attracted to a crystal skull because it has a vibration that we can resonate with and is compatible with our own unique vibration. 303 more words


Today's Journey Tarot Card of the Day 9-2-14

9-2-14 Today’s Tarot is Key 10 Life. It is not what happens to you, it is your perspective that makes the difference. Even if you cannot change the circumstances, you can change how you react to them. 16 more words

The beautiful moon.

-The waxing moon from the beautiful coast of California. Where the forest meets the ocean and the mists water the trees. I live in such a magical place.


Card Draw for September 1, 2014 + My New Method for Choosing Cards

I apologize that there was no daily card draw yesterday. I really wasn’t in the right mindset to be doing any divination work. Today, I’m mixing things up a bit by using my beloved Wildwood tarot deck instead of my combined Gods and Titans/Goddesses and Sirens oracle deck. 303 more words


Review of a new (to me) deck: The Tarot Illuminati Deck

As many of you know, I am currently enrolled in the Tarosophy certification course. I’m actually about half way through.😊 I have been enjoying this course so intensely. 384 more words