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Yes, things will have to change...and one month without booze

When you take steps towards living more fully in remembrance of yourself as a Soul having a human journey, the energy around you shifts and swirls and the Universe gets super excited. 464 more words

This is the true nature of Angels...and it's nothing like you thought it would be...

We are always here because we could not be elsewhere.

We are a very real but none-the-less illusory aspect of you – the eternal, divine aspect of you. 55 more words

A person's a person…no matter how small.

Another Dec 7th has come and nearly gone. It’s a day of remembrance for me. Not because of the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941, which led to the U.S. 793 more words

Card reading Monday

Yeeha! We can barely contain our excitement! It’s Card Reading Monday! Choose your card from below (1,2 or 3 from left to right) and then simply add your selection as a comment below on our… 37 more words

Your car is a measure of your soul

A few days ago I opened my glove box in search of my car’s manual. I needed to pump up my car’s tyres and wasn’t sure of the psi. 417 more words

You are not who you think you are. You are this...

You are an individualised expression of the Divine Consciousness.

You receive and project Divine Consciousness in your own individual way.

This freedom is your birthright. No matter on what you choose to focus your expression of the Divine (through a belief in angels, aliens, fractals, mediums, crystals, healing, meditation, yoga, music, ascended masters, parallel Universes ad infinitum) beyond all these things is the One Mind. 137 more words

What is God?

Barbara Brown Taylor (an Episcopal priest)’s wonderfully simple and inspired answers to the profound questions what is God, Religion and what is Spirituality?

God:  Some, beyond my conception, divine consciousness.   104 more words