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2014-2015 Lunar Eclipse Cycle... A Time to be Truly Balanced...

For a few years now we are observing the world around us literary ‘heating up’ and expanding, as high intensity solar activity and photon energy (the latter being a magnetic flow of light on the galactic plane, along the Milky Way where there is a great concentration of stars that give birth to ‘photon light particles’) influences the magnetics and core make-up of Mother Earth and all of Humanity. 885 more words

New Energy Consciousness

Prosperity! Developing Divine Intimacy

Posted by Steve Beckow on April 9, 2014   /  Comments Off

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It has been a full month since the launch of the Prosperity Code Activation and more continues to be revealed as we address the core issue of lack from the perspective of the individual self. 2,205 more words


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Archangel Ezekiel: Greetings!

A Note from the Scribe: With joy I bring you a message from Archangel Ezekiel. Two days ago, I did not consciously know of his existence and yet I know HIM. 2,266 more words


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Daily Insight


When I achieve a mystical union with the Divine Consciousness, I bring reality into focus. I then perceive the immaculate Spiritual Universe in all of its unblemished perfection. 49 more words

Don Mardak

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Miracles Do Happen - Part One

I’m going to share an experience with you that proved to me (as if I needed any proof) that miracles most certainly do happen. Over Christmas 2013 I found myself in a situation that seemed impossible; in fact I just didn’t know what I was going to do. 863 more words

From The Heart

True and Certain and Really Really Cool --- we are ONE

My last post was about the only “certainty” in life … change. But wait … there IS one, and only one certainty besides constant change and that’s what I’d like to share with you today. 498 more words

No "Higher" Power

“I don’t believe that consciousness is generated by the brain.  I believe the brain is more a receiver of consciousness.” – Graham Hancock

A few days ago I wrote about possibilities and Leaps of Consciousness.   396 more words