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New Moon blessings!

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“May the brightness and freshness of this new moon rain down on us all…peace, love, and the ability to gain knowledge and wisdom in all things as we step forward onto our paths.”

- Grace Augustine

Gratitude And Inspiration

Difficulty and Grace

“And this has been a comfort to me, that I choose Jesus as my Savior-by His grace. In my suffering and sorrow He has taught me that I should choose only Him for my salvation in my well being and sorrow.” …

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(07/24/2014) Cruel and Offensive

Response is made to complaints that condemnation, negative criticism, and unkindness always appear as aspects when Christians share their beliefs or understandings of the holy Scriptures.  1,117 more words


Great Expectations

Scripture – Zachariah 8:20-23

He continued, “Many nations will still come to you. And those who live in many cities will also come. The people who live in one city will go to another city. 140 more words


Consummation - Joseph

Chapter Nine
Back in the land of promise Jacob was hungry too. The famine had taken its toll and left Joseph’s family with the money in their pockets but no bread on the table. 4,165 more words

Allison Kohn

Joseph chapters seven and Eight

Chapter Seven
It was late into the night when Asenath and her father finally left Potiphar’s house and went home. Then Asenath lay awake for hours thinking of the wonderful things Joseph told her about her God. 1,879 more words


What Kind of Ground are You?

Scripture – Matthew 13:5

Other seeds fell on rocky ground, where they did not have much soil, and they sprang up quickly, since they had no depth of soil. 73 more words