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7-22-14 You are Loved

Dear Ones, You are loved. Your humanness is loved. Your perfect imperfectness. Your mistakes are loved. Your flaws are loved. Your fears. Your judgements. Your angry words. 52 more words

December 2013

7-21-14 Let Go

Dear Ones, Life continues to be challenging for many. Let go. Let go of all past hurts. All past transgressions! Free your hearts. Free yourselves. Live a life of peace and joy. 28 more words

December 2013

Let Love Guide You

Divine Guidance

This is the time to listen to your heart. Your heart will guide you in the direction you need to go. Allow love to be your focus to direct you to situations and circumstances where you are in tune with your highest self. 58 more words


7-20-14 Changes

Dear Ones, Change is good. Change brings opportunity. Changes means the potential for something better. A better situation. Always look for the good, the benefits of change. 22 more words

December 2013

7-19-14 Choices

Dear Ones, We all have choices; what we choose to focus on, what we choose to think about. If we go through life carefree and trusting or heavy and burdened. 90 more words

December 2013

7-18-14 Centeredness

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s glory. It’s very easy to become uncentered when the fear and negativity in the world consciousness is so prevalent. 33 more words

December 2013

META Center's July Psychic & Healing Day Event

Once more, I have the honor and pleasure of being back at the META Center New York, for their “July Psychic & Healing Day Event.”  At this point, I have lost count of how many times I have been at META Center New York, giving Readings, as well as conducting Goddess Energy Healing Treatments. 315 more words