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Learning vs Creating- the paradox of divine consciousness

In current times, the consciousness of the learning process reflects the concept that it is simply the accumulation of data with a capacity to regurgitate that info at any time. 547 more words

Personal Growth

The Importance of Meditation (4/4)

Infinite Way Letter
January 1955

By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 4
The Importance of Meditation
Daily Inspiration

In order that we may fill ourselves with the Spirit of God, which is the wine of inspiration, the living water that is to spring into newness of life, we must empty ourselves of whatever thoughts, beliefs and opinions that act to separate us from the Presence and the Power of God. 769 more words


Science fiction

The world of strict naturalism in which clever mathematical laws all by themselves bring the universe and life into existence, is pure fiction. Theories and laws do not bring matter/energy into existence. 58 more words


One Small Step That You Can Take......Umm...Tomorrow?

Do you have a tough time following through in reaching your goals? It’s like there are so many distractions and you can’t seem to just finish what you started… 676 more words

Alida McDaniel

Diaries of The Breadman's Daughter: Believe in Something Bigger than Yourself.

Girl Warrior.  Know that you are connected to every living thing in this marvelous Universe. That’s a huge and daunting thought. So take it in. Fully. 149 more words

Life Lessons And Self-improvement

The Energy of the 2015 Universal Year

The key lesson of the coming 8 Universal Year can be described in a single word: Power.  The numbers 2+0+1+5 add up to 8, the lesson of power in all its forms.   762 more words

Creative Power

"Ugh! This always happens to me..." It's time to overcome!!

In the world of scarcity, nothing is as it seems…or is it?

I had the honor of interviewing the amazing Andrea Marcum today and picked up some incredible wisdom nuggets that really put perspective on this for me! 618 more words