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The Divine Hospital

Near the end of the Santo Daime Self Transformation Workshop the leader said, “In the Divine Hospital it isn’t always easy to tell who are the doctors and who are the patients.” … 1,973 more words


Less Noise at low Frequencies

I sighed and wondered when the security personnel would come and check my belongings, So that my ordeal for the day would be over. Along with my colleague i waited as the security gates for the employees opened and the first shift for the day was getting over. 345 more words


Quotes On Varnasrama Dharma pt.3

Quotes On Varnasrama-dharma from Srila Prabhupada:

“I may either be a brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya or whatever – in any case, this life is temporary. But although life is temporary and we do not know what we are going to be in the next life, still, by the spell of this illusory energy, we consider ourselves in the light of this bodily conception of life, and we thus think that we are American, Indian, Russian or brahmana, Hindu, Muslim, etc.” … 625 more words

Divine Mystery

Apu Wachuma and Self-Healing

When my nephews invited me to attend the Apu Wachuma ceremony, I was very curious to experience another sacred medicine from Peru. We have the Wachuma growing as an ornamental cactus in front of our home. 1,568 more words