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Will to Resistance

My religion is not goal-oriented. The whole thing depends entirely on a sense of peace with God, something utterly nebulous and ineffable to the human mind. 758 more words


Where Is Caleb?

Most Christians subscribe to the doctrine of substitutionary atonement. Christ “stood in” for sinners throughout His passion and crucifixion. He took our place. He got what we deserved. 815 more words

A Critical Lesson of Job

Our lessons in Job will end soon enough. Most Western scholars miss the best parts because they refuse to consider Job from Job’s own cultural matrix. 881 more words


Lawful Grace; Graceful Law

Law is grace.

Were it not for God’s fervent and determined favor toward us, there would be no revelation. Revelation has always been fundamentally addressed to humans where they stand in a fallen world and in fallen terms. 666 more words


Job 33

Elihu begins by noting he claims no special privilege or revelation. He appeals to Job as a fellow creature of God and does not accuse him of sin any worse than his own. 271 more words


The day of the great pruning is close and my reapers are ready to reap the harvest

MARCH 25, 2014 – 8:45 a.m.


Peace to you, My flock.

The ship of My Mercy is ready to leave and many will not reach it because they are like the foolish virgins who left everything to the last minute and are running out of oil. 415 more words


Job 31

Let’s recall that the early chapters state Job did not sin against God in his words. That doesn’t mean he was without error in the sense of how his words affected others. 558 more words