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5. Your Divine Plan.

WHEN will you fulfill your divine plan?

WHEN you know and accept that you do have a personal life plan.

WHEN you take the time to discover what that plan is. 15 more words


4. Your Divine Plan.

HOW can you discover your divine plan?

Spend time in reflection.

List you qualities, virtues and talents.

Decide which of these you will develop so that you can contribute something worthwhile in your family and your community. 77 more words


3. Your Divine Plan.

WHY do you need to discover and follow your divine plan?

Because you are here to fulfill your reason for being and you will not experience a sense of fulfillment until you find and follow this plan. 12 more words


Purpose of Existence.

What is the purpose of our existence?

There is a very real purpose behind existence and each man, woman and child is linked with the highest destiny. 82 more words

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2. Your Divine Plan.

WHO devise your divine plan?

Before you were born you devised your personal divine plan in co-operation with your Chris t Self and your spiritual teachers. 52 more words


1. Your Divine Plan.

WHAT is your divine plan?

Your divine plan is your blueprint for this lifetime.

WHAT is the purpose of this plan?

The purpose of your personal divine plan is to place you into situations in life where you have to make choices, make decisions that will help you to overcome your limited beliefs and circumstances.These limitations have been imposed upon you because of your negative karma. 76 more words


Affirmations -- Jone Victoria -- November 10, 2008

AFFIRM: to state or assert positively, maintain as true.

Affirmations are the Cliff Notes of prayer. Used as a positive mantra, they directly align your intent with Universal Energy. 297 more words

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