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It started with our small group’s study on Monday. I was preparing to lead chapter 7 of Ken Shigematsu’s book, “God in My Everything”, when I started to have this sinking feeling. 1,377 more words


April 19: The Conqueror

Read Matthew 28:1-20

As we began this study two weeks ago, God described an animosity that has impacted mankind since that fateful day in the garden when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. 303 more words


April 18: Hoped in Vain?

Read Luke 24:13-24; John 21:2, 3; and 1 Corinthians 15:13-20

Some of those alive at the time of Jesus…yes, even some of His closest followers…some of them drew the wrong conclusions. 308 more words


April 17: Your Personal Tenebrae

Not having come from a liturgical church background, I am less familiar with some of the special, annual worship opportunities they offer. Recently, a friend told me about the Tenebrae Service practiced in many churches. 170 more words

Grand Cross - April Eclipses: Sometimes we have to body surf the waves in the ocean of life and trust the divine plan and divine intevention

Divination:  Keeping the big picture in mind; that’s always best when the going gets tough.  I’ve heard from people lately about that very thing–tough going.  Or in some cases, no going.   420 more words


April 16: Redemption of a Demonic Plot

Read Matthew 27:1-66

It seems like an impossibility . . . even a contradiction. How can the same people through the same actions cooperate in carrying out a demonic plot and yet, at the same time, accomplish a divine plan? 290 more words


April 15: It's Time!

Read John 12:20-43

“It’s time!”

Pharisees and religious leaders of the first centuries were intensifying their plans for destroying Jesus. Meetings were taking place behind closed doors. 339 more words