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Seconds and Inches

Life happens in seconds and inches.

Just one moment before or one moment after and we may miss or we may catch things.

Results from either determine our path as well as others. 152 more words



Judgement is pervasive, sneaky and infiltrates every aspect of my thinking.

It separates me from God’s will, my truth and other humans.

Just when I think I am not in judgement of myself, it pops up in another form or area of my life. 206 more words


[22 September 2014] God's Message - Mission

God‘s message to humanity:

You have a mission to accomplish.
Deep down you know what it is.
It is your deepest purpose, your before born intention.
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God's Messages

[26 August 2014] God's message - Benevolence

God*’s message for humanity** today***:

Everything changes, it’s its nature.
Rejoice, it’s my intention that the changes are for the best of all.
I’m unchanging in my ways.
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God's Messages

[4 September 2014] God's message - Errors

God*’s message for humanity** today***:

In an evolving universe, like yours, it’s normal to do mistakes.
It’s very difficult to make accurate judges with your limited consciousness.
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God's Messages


I’m finding it hard to keep up with things right now. I banged my knee a few weeks ago, as I rushed past a low table corner. 2,394 more words

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Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary

From a discourse by Saint Andrew of Crete, bishop The old has passed away, all things are made new

The fulfillment of the law is Christ himself, who does not so much lead us away from the letter as lift us up to its spirit.

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