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The True Joy of Discovery

I have always loved looking at maps. As a little boy pouring over maps and learning the geography of places fascinated me. The idea that far off places existed and had a lengthy history long before human beings knew about them also fascinates me. 670 more words

What is Spirituality?

My definition of spirituality is when we are aligned and connected with a divine power greater than ourselves.  We are connected in such a way that we allow this greater power to guide us in life.   62 more words

4 Paws + Divine Intervention = ❤️

We met, not by chance; most likely by pre planning. We met on a beach in South Carolina. The day was a perfect beach day, it was early morning and there were many paws around two chairs in the sand and their caregivers. 289 more words




Christine: How would you define Justice?

God: Justice comes in many ways.It can be through a court of law, where all the evidence is presented by both sides and a judge decides on the right and wrong of a situation or justice can come to a person through endeavour, when ‘just’ rewards come to them. 173 more words


Who I AM

I AM consciousness
within everything,
your life-giving breath,
the creative Force
within you.
I AM your thoughts
your inspiration;
there is no separation
between us nor… 49 more words



L’être humain reste à mes yeux la plus craintive des créatures peuplant cette planète. Pourquoi donc? Car d’après un sondage réalisé en janvier 2013, plus d… 361 more words

Failure is an option

Do you ever judge yourself harshly? Have you ever beat yourself up over some failing or bad choice? Can you see your own faults and short-comings clearly? 152 more words