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Perspectives on Perception

‘The sun is always an adequate symbol for the Light of Lights…’
– A.K Coomaraswamy.

Figure 1 – ‘The Seed at Zero…?’

The Circle is Time… 489 more words


A poem By William Blake And Some Verses From The Bible

A Divine Image


Cruelty has a Human Heart

And Jealousy a Human Face

Terror the Human Form Divine

And Secrecy, the Human Dress… 438 more words

Sublime Evil

She had been that silent for that long time. No word, not even a sound. Obviously things went wrong. She did not cry out or shout. 362 more words

Activity: Love Only Grows

I can’t take credit for this activity, but I also am not sure where it originated. It was told by a local pastor and my friend relayed it to me. 270 more words


Effective Wild Divine Relaxing Rhythms Biofeedback Software and Hardware

software (language China and Hong Kong and Taiwan for the software, in English: Software) is a series of organizations in a particular order set of computer data and instructions. 315 more words


Can You Hear Me Now?

Today’s blog is like a journal. Please forgive my personal musings…

I rarely remember my dreams. It used to bother me. I have friends who remember such amazing details from their dreams that it’s like they’re living a movie. 628 more words

Spiritual Journey