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Language Yoga Challenge #4

Welcome to the Language Yoga Challenge! The idea behind this game is to increase mindfulness and balance by playing with various language transforming techniques. This week’s challenge involves using the “depolarization filter” to reveal the hidden side of… 334 more words

Language Yoga

Dear Liberal Religious White People: Stop Using #AllLivesMatter

I have seen and heard a lot of white liberal religious people saying All Lives Matter as a response to the Black Lives Matter movement, and it causes my heart and my soul pain. 1,206 more words


Poem: Belief

Beliefs are nothing more than
The thinnest of topsoils,
The wispiest of clouds.
When the storms of temptation and doubt
Pour down their confusion,
What is there that will not be… 116 more words


Ramon's Insights ~ Manna from Heaven

Every second, every minute, every hour
our bodies breathe in the manna of Heaven.
Our bodies resonate with the love and power
of creative cosmic rhythms… 46 more words


She Sat Beside...

She sat beside in Winter and Snow
Whispering words without sound
Embracing with intangible Flesh
Fragrant as the wind during a storm
Breath taking in her very essence… 105 more words