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As I walk alone, through the darkness of this world.
Searching for the light of compassion.

Oh divine, where art thou?
I am lost in this world without you. 23 more words


Our choices

”It is not our abilities that show what we truly are.
It is our choices. ”
– Albus Dumbledor – J.K. Rowling

JUL29: Having It All

Ever since time began

I knew I wanted a life of more

The kind that was filled with purpose

Doing work that resonated with my core… 254 more words

Body & Soul - I



Asit Giri Sam Syaat Kajjalam Sindhu Paatre, Surtaruvar Shaakaa Lekhini Putramoorvi.Likhati Yadi Griheetvaa Shaardaa Sarvakaalam, Tadapi Tav Gunnaanaameesh Paara Na Yaati Where the divine name of Lord Shiva is chanted there is laughter, joy, exuberance, totality vibrating in the air. And one who…
Divine Aim


Neither this body am I, nor soul,
Nor these fleeting images passing by,
Nor concepts and thoughts, mental images,
Nor yet sentiments and the psyche’s labyrinth. 46 more words