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Sacred (An original poem)

I am sacred, you are too,

This is absolutely and totally true,

We carry within us the next generation,

Why don’t we live up to our ancestors’ expectation? 243 more words

MasterQuote9: Lady Nada and Mother Mary on Compassion – Channeled by Fran Zepeda

Lady Nada and Mother Mary April 21, 2014:

“Compassion is the emergence of LOVE in every part of your perception….Compassion for yourself and compassion for others – it is all the same. 223 more words

Ascended Masters

The walk in the park for Spring

One week after we received 14″ to 16″ of snow, it’s all gone, so Divinity & I took the opportunity to have our first walk in the park this spring. 55 more words


S - Sacred

Sacred – What is sacred? What makes something sacred, special, holy, worthy of reverence? What makes something resonate with the divine? What is it that touches us on deep, limitless, and unknowable levels? 172 more words

Meandering Thoughts

I met my real guardian angel tonight. Everybody has one.

White with dots of blue, and 50 years of skin,

She walked through the door, didn’t see her come in.

Pulled out a chair, and looked for her wine. 230 more words

Presenting: A Poem by Jennifer Welwood of the Mystery School

Written, then blogged, then Facebooked, then copied & pasted, re-blogged… and ever admired.  I stole this from Rob Brezsny, because he is beautiful and collects beautiful things to him. 294 more words