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Henry Thoreau and the Division of Labor

   Henry David Thoreau was not dependent on the division of labor while staying at Walden Pond.  In fact, he disliked the idea of the division of labor.   131 more words

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Stop the Presses: Classic Management for Today's Newspapers

The exportation of numerous factory jobs and an increased demand for computer-based skills have reshaped America’s organizational landscape. Many businesses have replaced the scientific needs of the Industrial Revolution—in which pieces and parts needed to be duplicated with uniformity and efficiency—with business models that are driven by critical thinking, creativity, and human interaction. 1,086 more words

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Movie Spotlight: Paris, je t'aime

For those of you who do not understand Spanish or French, in scene 3:02-

employer:I need to go. I’m late. Call me on my cell in the afternoon to tell me how the morning went. 90 more words


Microeconomics Definition Emphasizing Entrepreneurship.

One definition of microeconomics that then emerges is as follows: it is a study of how individuals discover and react to information in the market as part of their division of labor to produce and to earn income, so as to meet their personal desires for goods and services. 91 more words

Divine Economy Theory

The High Price of Delaying the Default - Thorsten Polleit - Mises Daily

The High Price of Delaying the Default – Thorsten Polleit – Mises Daily.

Mises Daily: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 by Thorsten Polleit

Credit is a wonderful tool that can help advance the division of labor, thereby increasing productivity and prosperity. 1,149 more words


Power of the Pen

This weekend Daddy-o had to work all weekend. And I mean all weekend. And there was a nasty snowstorm and the roads were in bad shape. 193 more words


Our Division of Labor

I told a great big public lie and its time to come clean. My transgression ocurred  yesterday when I posted the above photo to Facebook with the following caption: 1,369 more words