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Anarchism always use propaganda for creating divisions and conflicts

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On Ferguson: A Plea For Unity

I have personally refrained thus far from commenting on the Ferguson debacle going on this week. However, I have seen a million different viewpoints displayed on the Internet through various media outlets – and I didn’t even have to look too hard to find them (who could miss the clogging of social media with extreme opinions from both sides of the spectrum?). 814 more words


Racist or Cop-Hater: Take Your Pick

If you don’t know what happened last night to cause the Internet to implode with hatefulness and sorrow, then you are living under a rock. Go… 799 more words


Division, it's not only for math

1.the action of separating something into parts, or the process of being separated.

In college they say you find your soulmate, but what I found were my future bridesmaids. 562 more words

The Commute

October 7, 2014-

All of the Blue Line stops surrounding the neighborhood are either under construction, barely running, or soon to be shut down. I’ll either take the 70 east to the Division or 49 north to Western. 293 more words

The most dangerous book in existence...

Books are powerful, there is little doubt of that, and their words carry ideas far beyond those who wrote them. The power of books is widely recognized, that is why they are written and that is why books are removed as a potential threat. 2,693 more words