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Women are being urged to take on traditionally male jobs

Women are being urged to take on jobs which are perceived to be traditionally male.

According to a new government report, certain industries such as finance and accounting are failing to recruit a female staff, as they are overwhelmingly male dominated. 329 more words



By instincts we know when you must laugh, you would exercise your face muscles, and unleash your dentition and eyes to express, it may end at belly or few inches down to fart it out. 585 more words

I am a contrary


I am a contrary.  The society and material world I live in tries to tell me all is divided, labelled, specified, separate.  It tries to say I am separate from you, from the water I drink, from Raven chuckling in the fir outside my window, from the ground I walk on, from the rough grey stone I hold in my hand. 436 more words


A Solomon's sword

this attraction,
like ants in my veins,
riding the waves from heart to limb to skin and back again.

All these meaty parts, infected with it. 136 more words


The American Nations Today

Ever wonder why the U.S. is such a divided nation these days? According to Collin Woodard in his 2011 book American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America… 370 more words


Division...not so much Satan but our egos

Egos, making idols of our convictions and ideas, this is what create divisions amongst us.

Christ teaches humility, which creates bridges between us.