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“I am glad that there is some trouble in being a Christian, for it has become a very common thing to profess to be one. If I am right, it is going to become a much less common thing for a person to say ‘I am a Christian.’ There will come times when sharp lines will be drawn.

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Charles Spurgeon

Communities Suck

(this could either be an intelligent post, or a stupidly cynical one; the best part is, I have no idea myself!)

I went to a Gender and Feminism Society discussion today (admittedly on a whim, so I had no idea what we were talking about and so was able to say absolutely nothing) and one of the points raised was that people in minority groups have their identities shaped and distorted from two sides: if they are the only member of that group within a larger group – such as the only black worker in an office of white people – they become representative of the entire minority group to those who are in the majority; equally, they can be marginalised from or bullied within their own minority group if others feel they do not conform to the expected traits of that group. 775 more words

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Dividing outdoors

Class 6 have been using outdoor materials to make arrays to help us with our division. Alfie said that arranging them with his hands helped him remember and Ellese noticed that the numbers can be reversed with division facts, like multiplication. 36 more words

Outdoor Learning

Api Roh Kudus

Bacaan Injil hari ini memberikan suatu kisah yang sungguh menggetarkan hati setiap orang yang membacanya. Hal ini dikarenakan perkataan Yesus pada bacaan Injil hari ini terdengar jauh sekali dari ketenangan, keharmonisan dan kedamaian. 264 more words


Mathematical Operations in the Biblical Text - part 2

Multiplication, division, fractions

4X3=12 and 12÷6=2 are illustrated in the specifications of items described in 1 Kings. The temple furnishings Solomon had constructed included a large cast metal Sea, a circular basin that stood outside the temple. 785 more words

Biblical Contexts

Chris Whyte - The Division Project

Chris Whyte’s section from The Division Project. We filmed this for probably a year and Chris kept stacking new clips so we had plenty to choose from for the finished project. 28 more words



  •  After death, the estate is distributed according to the following:
    1. Debts to Allah Most Bountiful have to be paid first (hajj, almsgiving, vows, deferred days of fasting due to travel or sickness)
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