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Good Attorney, Bad Attorney

Should I, should I not? Some of your friends are in shock and tell you how sorry they are, others are saying “what are you waiting for,” and the next thing you know you are staring at names and numbers you have written down. 1,904 more words


Professional Lawyer for Defending Domestic Violence Charges

Possibly, you may be having the frustrating experience of getting falsely charged with a domestic violence crime. It might be perpetuated by someone who is annoyed or angry with you and wants to take revenge. 294 more words


If Only Your Family Law Attorney Had A Crystal Ball

Clients call the office of a family law or divorce attorney all the time.  After giving a very small amount of facts, on the phone or in-person during a formal consultation, they often want answers.  634 more words


Divorce Lawyer – A Much Needed Help In Troubled Times

Well folks, just remember divorce proceedings can be a unpleasant business, hence avoid it and steer clear from it. Yet, if your domestic life is creating tremors in your area, you should go on with it, and also as quickly as you possibly can, just before it becomes really serious. 487 more words

UNTYING THE KNOT Season Recap: Best, Worst Couples (VIDEO)

UNTYING THE KNOT starring Vikki Ziegler concluded its first season with the episode, “Wedding Couture to Marriage Detour”. Vikki skillfully maneuvered through the roadblocks set up by the warring and divorcing couple, Iret and Stuart, to reach a fair decision about how to split prized possessions. 392 more words


Pet Custody After Divorce on UNTYING THE KNOT

Vikki Ziegler took a trip to So Cal on last night’s episode of UNTYING THE KNOT, titled “A Date For Divorce”. She met up with married couple Krissy and Tina who were splitting after 11 years together, six of them married. 384 more words


Consult Custody Lawyer on How to Support Your Child Even after Divorce

When you weigh the option of marital separation, you may get distressed thinking about your children. “Can I bond with them like before?” Does my spouse allow me to visit my kids?” How long will the legal process last and how unfavorable could be the result?” You may like someone to answer all these things before fighting child custody issues in court. 335 more words