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What Could Mediation Mean For Divorce Laws?

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Today I wanted to go over the differences in divorce laws around the United States; as well as how a regulated  step between divorce and marriage could impact society for the better. 249 more words

Divorce Laws

Academic Writing Sample

Are you a good writer? How do you prepare for your school academic writing?

For me, when it comes to writing, i’m stuck! I always tell myself to keep going, no matter how hard it is. 1,188 more words

Jane Doe, do you Know What You did is Wrong? (opinion)

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Before I begin I want to remind you all this is the opinion part of the site, which means although what I’m saying does have factually backing, I will sprinkle my two cents very heavily in this page rather than only slap down some facts. 341 more words

Divorce Laws

The Evolution of Divorce Laws More In-depth

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I decided before I go into culture changes in society and the stigma of divorce, I really want to make sure you all understand how divorce laws have changed. 194 more words

Divorce Laws