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To Prenuptial or Not to Prenuptial

To prenup or not to prenup?  That is the question.  In the local coffee shop, I watch today as an older man discusses this topic with a group of friends.   1,009 more words


Mark 10

Scripture: Mark 10:1-52


  • Jesus is on his way through Judea, teaching the crowds, when the Pharisees decide to give him a little test. “Hey, Jesus, is lawful for people to get divorced?”
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New Testament

Attacks Against the Family: Divorce

Next in my series on alleged violent attacks against the family is divorce and remarriage. This has been a hard one to wait for because I really wanted to touch on this in previous post. 985 more words


Have you ever known some to get married to someone they did not love?

Most, if not all, people who get married do it for love, yet, according to most statistical evidence, fifty percent will divorce in less than five years. 292 more words


2012 Updated World Divorce Rates-- 70 countries reporting

The United Nations released its most up to date report on marriages and divorce across the world.  Seventy countries have now reported data. More postings about world divorce rates.  9 more words


Influence Of Divorce On Students Performance Academically

Hello and welcome to my little world!

Many people have their reasons for opting in and out of marriage. Many have cited reasons such as incompatible, poor communication, and lack of affection as well as differences in goal setting and achievement. 79 more words

The 50% divorce myth

Everyone “knows” half of all American marriages end in divorce, and that was indeed the case in the 1970s and 1980s.  But it isn’t true today… 348 more words

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