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Scared to put a ring on it? Would short-term marriage contract change your mind?

If the thought of uttering “’til death do us part” gives you a case of commitment phobia, maybe a short-term marriage would suit you best. 526 more words


10 + 5 = Redeeming Love

If you try to intertwine two people full of insecurities, selfishness, and pride with a deep hunger and desire for ‘love’ and purpose, you will have a shallow relationship that will never fulfill. 563 more words


10. mediocrity

I have a deep fear of being mediocre. It started when I was little. I remember laying in the backseat of our conversion van on a family road trip. 132 more words

something personal, perhaps?

I realize that posting this morning about my med regime is quite personal, but I wanted to pop in and just sort of, well, you know – chat. 487 more words

Like a Feather: My Life's Lesson Right Now

The last “big” purchase I made on our joint credit card, before we went our separate ways, was a black, thigh-length, down-filled, winter coat. Although it was January, it was already on sale, and I bought it from fancy-schmancy Nordstrom. 903 more words

Life Lessons

The Relationship Between One Parent and Two Parents (part 4 of 4)

So far, we’ve discussed single parenthood through the lens of divorced/separated relationships. Some single parents and their children completely break free from their non-custodial parent/former significant other with minimal anxiety. 703 more words

Letter to an Anonymous Ex "Best Friend"

Let me preface this letter with a little back story about how this person came to be my “best friend”.

She was dating my ex-husbands best friend for a while. 672 more words