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It wasnt just a husband I left

I miss my stepdaughters very, very much today.
Not so much the teen demons they were but going back 8-10 years when they were 6 or 7 and they would draw me pictures and come up and randomly put their arms around me and tell me they loved me and that I was the most beautiful step mum in the world.
Sad but happy memories.

Thirty Something

Counting my losses...and letting them go.

It has been a while since I have written!  I guess I just have not felt very inspired to write over the last few months, or my mind has been such a mess, I didn’t think I would be able to form a logical progression of thoughts. 964 more words


The Ex, My Friend

As I’ve mentioned before, things with The Ex, even in the end, weren’t horrible. We never had the huge “blow out” fight that ended it all. 977 more words

Random Ramblings

Today I have a pounding headache, ugh! Where did it come from? Perhaps a lack of caffeine or sleep or quite possibly stress. This week I’ve been riding an emotional roller coaster. 835 more words

Guest Blog: Should Parents Be Allowed To Make Custody And Visitation Agreements Without Being Challenged?

In theory, it is best when parents with minor children are able to work out a custody and visitation arrangement on their own when they separate and/or… 1,008 more words

The Diner Chapter 8

Brenda and Daisy spoke at length about what they would be doing that afternoon as they picked at breakfast and drank their coffee. The diner was full that morning but they were able to secure two spots in a booth right by a window and a small jukebox. 1,503 more words

Freddy Zalta


I spent the day shovelling dog poo out of my yard.  I just wanted to share this fact with someone.

I admit I slacked on the dog walking this year due to no husband to help out with ANYTHING and it being the coldest winter in forever. 182 more words