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Sentimental Journey ...

So the flood gates have opened already, you have found yourself going on your sentimental journey this week, I don’t know what it is about Christmas that literally sends everyone into emotional meltdown, that uncertainty feeling that resembles slush not quite snow anymore  when it starts to melt, and you start slipping and sliding all over the place unable to gain your balance & control. 368 more words

One Life In Retrospect

I used to wear a diamond ring
You gave to me around Christmas Eve.
It was a promise to share a life -
To live together as Man and Wife. 383 more words

The ideal partner

Teresa says I should create a list of things I would need in an ideal partner. And then look at what is behavioral versus materialistic. Finally, I should look at how AJ is and what I’m willing to compromise on. 254 more words

Returning Back

Frank was returning to Philippines after living in US for 15 years.. Had good money for investments.. He decides to open a Venture Capital fund  TREATY..   269 more words

romance novels

I mentioned in an earlier post that I consumed massive quantities of Christian romance novels in adolescence. I blame them for quite a bit of the misplaced emotional commitments that led me to het marriage at 21. 2,270 more words

Anxiety And Depression

So close yet so far poem (Polygamistastic Edition) in Latin

This is a Latin translation of my original post.

Ita ad domesticos usus tamen vita tantum in polygami

Quoniam pater meus et mater familias, scidi pallium meum et familiae seorsum fratribus, qui venit per divortium… 77 more words


So close yet so far poem (Polygamistastic Edition) in Albanian

This is an Albanian translation of my original post.

Unë kam qenë aq afër jetës përjeton në një familje poligame por ende deri tani… 149 more words