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Healing Hearts

I have been blessed with three wonderful daughters in my life.  I never truly realized how much you could possible love someone with your whole life till they became part of mine.   934 more words

The Motherless & Fatherless: Building a Generation of Resiliency

The Fatherless & the Motherless: Building a Generation of Resiliency

There we stood in line for our favorite wooden roller coaster at our local, often frequented amusement park.  934 more words


Randomly Accessed Memories

Okay, not random. I’ve been thinking about which ones to include all day. But I like the title.

If you ever see my autobiography for sale, don’t buy it. 1,810 more words

Who Gets Alimony in a Florida Divorce?

It’s perceived that men are always the ones paying alimony, but along with everything else that changes when divorce takes place, more women are paying alimony to their ex spouses than ever before. 178 more words


Knowing your truth

I get asked pretty often why I say and share the things that I do on my blog.   As much as some of the stuff may appear to be entertaining and laced with foolishness, there is also a level of seriousness I hope to impart as well.   761 more words


Marry A Man Who Will Talk

“Marry a man who will talk,” my mother told me. Only I had no idea what she meant by that. Apparently my dad didn’t talk but I’d heard him speak so I knew he could talk. 991 more words

Musings And Other Shorts

Air Travel and Autism: A Letter To Jet Blue

Dear Jet Blue Airlines,

I am writing this post to thank you.

My son has high functioning autism and, because of the custody arrangement between his father and I, we fly 7-9 times a year out of sheer necessity. 741 more words