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Epic Journey of the Snow-Globe

My 31 days were up and I’d survived the busy household… just! A hectic lifestyle, TV playing non-stop (regardless of programme or non-watchers) noisy pool activity, exuberant rivalry between teenage boys’ playing rapid-fire-computer games, dog barking at everything that moved; even a squirrel scaling a distant pine tree and, Houston’s 90˚ heat. 972 more words


July 4th...

Apology’s for delay in writing another post. Publicist’s lack of ‘kicking- ass’ as previous? NO! Jet lag.

When calculating how I could fit in all Houston events between certain dates in June to July, it justified a balancing act to beat David Blanes. 871 more words


Last of Days Out; but 1st - a scary interlude

The happy dishevelled camper returned, exhausted from all activities, yet elated with another achievement certificate. A quick shower to rinse off weeks embedded grime; he then slept for more hours than probably all week. 578 more words


God's creation in West Sussex


Chichester Cathedral ‘Festival of Flowers’ in West Sussex, comes around every two years;

28th May 2014, these four days receive great reviews, as 31st nears. 228 more words


Now its Summer Camp

Summer camp – unheard of in my day! Now virtually universal; especially for offering gap-year students work. My grandson attended last year, and was adamant about being a camper this year too. 492 more words


Great Days Out: 1st - A Rice Farm

17 years ago I visited a family-run rice farm in Houston, took pictures and had memories; last Saturday we returned for a children’s party. The farm is set in approx. 401 more words


Special-Grad-Day Poem

This has taken so long to compile because life in this household, never has dull moments, with friends staying and outings. Consequently more blogs are in the pipe-line. 902 more words