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Diving In!

After a hellish 12 hour move from Brooklyn to Newburgh we started working the very next day. We were (and still are for the most part) living like squatters in the top floor of the house. 759 more words


Guardian Angel Bracelets 👼👼

I don’t know if you have seen the show Housewives of New Jersey. On the show Teresa and her husband are being taken to court and another co-star had brought her a handmade guardian angel bracelet. 46 more words


DIY teal chairs

I’ve been living with these chairs for a little more than three years, and for a little less than three years I’ve thought about changing the fabric. 109 more words

Apartment Design

DIY // Gold Patterned Coasters

Hey Monday DIY // I was in need of coasters for my desk because of my excessive coffee drinking, so instead of searching for my ideal coasters…I just DIY-ed them. 83 more words


This Little Light of Mine

About a year and a half ago I painted my bathroom orange. Not a garish orange-y orange, it’s lovely and earthy and something like pumpkin soup. 571 more words


Easy Hand Sewn T-Shirt Pocket

Had a free morning and a plain jane tee. Let’s be real … and a bag of Twizzlers, and a hot chocolate, and Netflix, and … 233 more words

Playroom to Bedroom (again)

We have a spare room downstairs, right off the kitchen, that was originally the home office. Since we moved the office to the dining room, it has been a multi-purpose room. 140 more words