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Make your own Valentine's Party Hats

Another year has started, with its resolutions, a new impatient┬ámantra that maybe will stick and maybe won’t. Despite various printables and creations, I find Valentine’s Day another way to make us spend more money in things we already should do. 556 more words


Treasure seeking on Instagram

It was only today that I realised that I was following 563 people on instagram, which is ALOT, given than I only have 548 followers. 51 more words


DIY Valentine's Day/Anniversary Card

I have seen these fun cards online for years, and finally decided that last year I would take a stab at it. It is definitely a fun gift to put together and tasty as well! 99 more words


How to Make Hasselback Potatoes (& Other Amazing Baked Spuds)

Potatoes are one of cheapest, most nutritious whole foods that you can make and eat. Is it any wonder you can find budget-friendly, low-fat potatoes in every cuisine in the world? 78 more words


Vintage Funnel Light Fixture

In the midst of this massively overwhelming kitchen remodel, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for inspiration for the new light fixtures. Prior to starting this project, we had 2 main overhead lights that aren’t centered in the room….at all. 346 more words


Mikoto Gives Your iPhone YouTube Background Music, Contact Photos in Messages, & More

Mikoto, from Karen Tsai (aka angelxwind), is a free jailbreak tweak unlike any other. With Mikoto, you can customize features in your favorite iOS apps to an extent that you would’ve never thought possible. 76 more words


Office facelift

Remember these?

from my previous post here? And, how I turned ‘em into this?

Well when I bought those, I also got three of these square… 218 more words