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Homemade acne night time treatment

This summer I bought a Benzoyl peroxide night time spot treatment. Benzoyl peroxide is a chemical substance which acts to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria and unclog pores. 431 more words


Home made coconut butter!

You may have heard of shea butter, cocoa butter and even avocado butter, well now there’s coconut butter too! 258 more words


DIY pot pourri

With the festive season just around the corner, I feel like its time to stock up on my sweet smelling trinket supply to create bursts of sweet spicy fragrances around the house. 150 more words


Home-made all purpose cleaning spray

This is my new favourite all purpose cleaner, not only is it cheap and easy to make but it doesn’t make me want to pass out when I use it and best of all… it works! 116 more words


Quick and easy eyelash conditioner!

I used to spend tons of money on eyelash growth and conditioning mascara’s then I decided to make my own more frugal and naturally friendly alternative.¬† 157 more words


Healthy snack replacement: Assorted flavour kale crisps

I’m big on snacking so finding a healthier alternative to my crisps and biscuits has been on my to do list for a while, I’d heard about kale crisps and crisps made from other vegetables like it and I was determined to give it a go 113 more words


Diy: Unicorn chocolate

I’m going through some chocolate art obsession, I think it’s fun!
Here are some picture steps on how you can achieve these super cute whimsical Unicorn Chocolates. 149 more words