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Basket full of choc coated Strawberries!

This was a creation last week, for the lovely Evie. Just your typical chocolate coated strawberries but I presented it a little more special than usual. 78 more words


Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!💙
We celebrated Father’s Day with another homemade cake(too much cake). Another chocolate and salted caramel cake but with some extra salted caramel macaroons. 88 more words


Chocolate Land!

A very chocolatey weekend. Full of celebrations and chocolates. It was an amazing friend of mines birthday and a homecoming, as she’s been studying and working over in Europe. 69 more words


Get rid of dandruff

Dandruff….it’s gross. But let’s face it, some people get it. I would be one of those people. I’ve been fighting this battle for years now and finally found something that works, and doesn’t hurt our furry friends. 164 more words

Organic Living

DIY: lace bottle bling

Another idea to match up a certain theme for your next gathering or special occasion. Apart from drink/milk bottles, You can also use these as a flower Vase, pen holder or anything you wish to put inside. 34 more words


Kimono? Yes!!!


Stay tuned for the tutorial:


Farewell to Summer Part II

Happy September!!! It’s a little bit ironic to have found myself writing my part deux of “Farewell to Summer” on the first day of September but what better timing to finally let go of all that has happened this summer and finally embrace the future to come! 824 more words