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Doing Wrong: Tilly's Positive Message Looks Awfully Familiar

I have only been painting for a short time but I’ve been really fortunate to have had moderate success in terms of sales, business relationships and even… 280 more words


DIY ombré goblet candle holder

It’s been raining here in coastal NC for 2 days now and the rest of the week isn’t looking any brighter. So while I sit here watching a Sex and the City marathon I decided to share with you a little project I did Saturday afternoon. 206 more words

Military Wife

no-weave wall hanging

Okay, first I’ll admit that I started this project the weave-way.  That is, I made my own loom out of a carefully-carved cardboard box (genius!), wrapped some twine around my box creating, what looked to me, like evenly spaced strings….or whatever you call them.   578 more words

lime infused vodka

Can we just take a moment to sing the praises of one of my favorite cocktails, the moscow mule?  Light, refreshing, citrusy, and a wonderful ginger kick? 241 more words


rosemary grapefruit spritzer + rosemary simple syrup

One of the things that I love about cocktails is how limitless the options are.  Once you’ve accumulated a sufficient collection of hard liquor and mixer options, you can pretty much make anything.   230 more words

watercolor pineapple print

This little print is so cute and easy to make, and will make the perfect summery addition to my kitchen walls.  I’m thinking of making a few more of different kinds of fruits and veggies to hang with it.   582 more words

stars and stripes mixed berry pie

My experience with inspiration goes like this: it strikes when it strikes and generally it does not strike at the most practical time.  Which is how I found myself, at one this afternoon, heading off to the store for ingredients to make this pie while I should have been busy barbecuing.   341 more words