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DIY Glitter Gel Pen Tutorial


I’m going to be teaching you guys how to make these today! All I did was pick up some gel pens and glitter from the dollar store, and I was able to come up with these awesome things! 103 more words


Finding inspiration in the face of writers block

Any of you guys ever suffer from writer’s block?   I have to say that I’ve been pretty blessed since starting Operation Home in that it hasn’t happened often… though it definitely has happened.   1,124 more words


☼ DIY Star-Spangled Cookies ☼

So I tried my hand at my first edible DIY, and this is what I came up with! They’re from the 4th of July, but you can take these techniques and make these for whatever theme you see fit! 208 more words

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Jewelry Platter Tutorial

Today, I will be showing you guys how to make these awesome jewelry platters! Of course, I made these for my dorm room, but you can use them for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc., and they can hold much more than jewelry; try putting candles, remotes, etc. 315 more words

Chess Set as Repurposed Jewelry Box

After I created my hanging jewelry display I realized that I still needed storage for my smaller items. The simplest thing to do would have been to use one of my old jewelry boxes, but this seemed boring. 447 more words


DIY Butterfly Skull- Room Decor

For me, College is just around the corner, that means… dorming! I thought that I could show you some of the DIY fun I am going to bring into my dorm. 350 more words

{Saving Pennies Series} DIY Febreeze/Fabric Refresher Spray

Ok…so as a stay at home mom and wife of a teacher this family is definitely on a budget.  With that said I enjoy all the good smelling fancy cleaners and sprays out there just as much as the next gal, but honestly I just recently got to the point where I got frustrated with the prices.   328 more words