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Beat the Heat

The beautiful Mrs. Ray and I don’t tolerate the heat very well. July and August in Minnesota can see 100 degrees + with humidity that would make someone from the tropics feel right at home. 409 more words


DIY: Weathering Furniture

My husband bought this cabinet from some people who were moving. It was scratched really bad but that’s how I like them. After some dry brushing with different paints (Ill write something up later on what I did), I ended up with a weathered piece that I hope to pass down to my daughter or sons one day.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Watch "Leo Sayer & the muppets - You make me feel like d…" on YouTube

Leo Sayer & the muppets – You make me feel like d…: http://youtu.be/wyreul5Cvsw

A feel fun song, because everyone should dance! MUAH!!!


People Always Think I'm Drunk As Hell, When In Fact, I Probably Haven't Slept In Way Over 35-40 Hours!

If you are sleep deprived you can display symptoms of psychosis without even realizing it – – Interesting Facts and Fun Facts – OMG Facts… 89 more words


Recovering a Unsaved Office Document

Was there ever a time when:

  1. You’re typing up that Valedictorian speech, Eulogy.
  2. Typing up that Final Project due at 11:59:59pm tonight.
  3. Prepping Statistical Data and Values for that Board Meeting at 10:30am…
  4. 405 more words
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DIY - pAiNt SwAtChEs CaLeNdAr

So those paint swatches that sit in the paint section of every hardware store can have more than one use. In fact this DIY is only one of HUNDREDS of crafts and artworks you could make out of those things! 273 more words

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Partitioning Your Hard Drive Disk.

Links to be Considered:

Disk Partitioning & BIOS

This Tutorial covers how to “divide” a single HDD into Two (2) or more parts for the purpose of: 794 more words

Do It Yourself