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Printed Coin Necklaces

In Glasgow last summer, I learned that the United Kingdom includes tax on the price tag (totally crazy, right?), so when a top was 2.99 pounds, that means I got a pence back. 133 more words


Bow Rings

When I first began accumulating patterns for my ridiculous Christmas projects, I turned to The Sheepish Girl.  I love finding women under the age of, say, sixty five who are really into yarn crafts. 228 more words


Collar Necklace

I completely adore crocheted collars, especially Peter Pan collars. Accessories that make one item of clothing look like a totally other item of clothing (like matching black shirts and black skirts so it looks like I’m wearing a dress instead of two pieces). 129 more words


That time of year...for baby shoes

This past summer, it seemed that every woman in my life was expecting: friends, coworkers, my sister-in-law. When I bought a fair isle pattern book last Christmas, I didn’t know that the baby bootie pattern would come in handy so quickly! 102 more words


Low Cost Electronics Bench

If you want to do quality work it really helps to have a dedicated place to do it. Most of my personal projects to this point have had to share space with the dining room table, not good for continuity and really bad for soldering, still better than no place at all. 393 more words


Don’t toss your Citrus Peel – it will Save you Money

I have recently returned from a 7200km  [ about 4500 miles ]  road trip;  more to come on that subject in upcoming posts …

It is great to be able to interact with people of different generations  [ older and younger, and especially away from the cities ]  to pick up their money saving tips… 387 more words