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Being Safe about Chemicals in Your Home

You would have to visit your local pharmacy or science lab to rival the number of potentially dangerous chemicals in the average home. You likely store everything from fertilizers and acidic cleaners to gasoline and corrosive drain openers. 176 more words

How to Series: Should Parents Lie About Santa to Their Kids?

This is a tough time of year for parents who subscribe to the "always be honest" rule of parenting. Is perpetuating the Santa myth bad for kids or good? 6 more words


how to sew a blouse-top: shoulders, side seams and sleeves

Heyhey, here are as promised the next steps for the blouse top. You can find the other parts here: part1 and part2.  next I pinned the other side seam, careful to match up the stripes 115 more words


DIY: Gift Wrapping

‘Tis the season to get those presents wrapped!

Each year, stores offer shelves upon shelves of wrapping paper with differing prints, patterns and colors. After the gifts have been unwrapped and the suspense has settled, all of the beautiful paper once carefully wrapped finds its forever home up at the bottom of the trash bin. 481 more words


Wedding Inspiration

Love this creative centerpiece at this colorful #uplighting wedding! http://t.co/45eGk2NlHz

Rent My Wedding

Guide: 12 More Cold Winter Hacks to Get You Through the Rest of the Winter Season

Need to bike around in cold weather to get to places? Winterize your bike by adding plastic zip ties around your tires to add more traction when you are biking through ice and snow. 82 more words


Holiday Craft Bonanza! - Retro Felt Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Ok how it is only a week before Christmas?  WEEK. I had great plans for making lovely crafted gifts for every person I have ever met. 184 more words