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How to Series: Help Yourself Remember Someone's Name by Introducing Them to Others

Remembering people’s names when you’ve just met them is tough , but it’s one of the most important parts of networking. If you’re in an environment where you know others, introducing the person you just met can help you solidify their name. 7 more words


How to Series: 10 Ways To Turn Your Real Life Experiences Into Science Fiction

Unless you’ve commanded a starship, fought off an alien invasion or survived a global disaster, your life experiences probably aren’t too science-fictional. But still, the most powerful stories are often rooted in things that actually happened. 18 more words


A mesa de Natal

Pedimos desculpa por esta ausência tão longa mas este mês, tanto para mim como para a M é o mês mais Caótico do ano… Cada uma de nós tem uma filha a fazer anos neste mês, aqueles gatherings, jantares e almoços de Natal, no trabalho tudo se intensifica nesta altura do ano, como também o Bricolage e as compras… Uma canseira! 364 more words


Crossover Circuit Measurements

I decided to try to do some of my own measurements on the BR-1 kit I build so I headed out to the lab.

I sent a sinusoidal signal from the function generator to both the oscilloscope and to my speaker. 202 more words


DIY Alice in Wonderland Jewelry

Yesterday I shared something I doubt any of us could actually afford. Pretty to look at, though, right?

Today, I’m sharing something you could make yourself and give as a charming present to the nerd in your life. 9 more words

DIY Rustic Coffee Table

The idea for this project started when I saw a cool coffee table made out of pallets on Pinterest. The original plan was to duplicate it exactly. 643 more words