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Tutarsız İrade

  1. Bel: 82cm
  2. Göbek: 97cm
  3. Kalça: 102cm
  4. Üst Bacak: 58cm
  5. Kilo: 71kg

Selam :) 6 ayda 14 kilo veren kızın yoyo olan kilosunu yere çakma zamanı geldi artık! 97 more words

Toe-may-toe, Toe-mah-toe, This is It. I Mean It!

So, today was supposed to be about my potato harvest. Here’s what I got for potatoes.

So not an absolute bust, but last year we got almost 20 pounds, so I was certainly disappointed. 315 more words

Soup, Our Food

There is a chill in the air that the sun just can’t cut and the leaves are a little more colorful every day. Yes, it is soup season in the Bay State. 417 more words

Alkadays Alkali Su Diyeti Yorumları Kadın

Alkadays Alkali Su Diyeti Kullanıcı Yorumları ile ilgili kadın portal sitesinde yer verilen konuyu inceleyerek detaylı bilgilere ulaşabilirsiniz.




Mild Mannered Foodstuffs

Have you heard about Super Foods? They are just like other foods, except they are SUPER! Many come from far-away places like tropical South America and the mysterious Middle East and have exotic names like chia seed and kefir! 578 more words

We Gather Together

This post is not about my tomato problems. It is not even about growing your own food. It is, in fact about finding your own food. 473 more words

I’ve Fallen Behind, I’d Better Ketchup

As I mentioned previously a huge quantity of tomatoes currently emanate from the Food It Yourself garden. What’s a DIYeter to do with such a bounty? 840 more words