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DIY Makeup Remover

I am sure most of you have already read about this DIY makeup remover on some other blog. If you haven’t yet tried this easy DIY then let me tell you that you should definitely try this. 333 more words


3rd DIY! Fabric tape pencils

This is probably one of the easiest DIY’s i have come across so far online, its so simple yet really fun to do. This DIY completely glams up your stationary, I really enjoyed making it, I hope you do to. 88 more words


DIY Gold Leaf pots!

Hey there!

I have been waiting so long to do DIY and I have finally got around to.

This was a really fun DIY to do and If you do this DIY I hope you enjoy it :) 460 more words


Jar to go cups!

What do you do with old jars… Upcycle them! (Of course.) I have seen this awesome idea all over pinterest and instagram and have been very eager to try it out. 221 more words