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Rap Summit with Howard Stern on WXRK - 19 March 1997 [Feat Kool Herc/ Caz/ Chubb Rock/ Melle Mel/ Luke Skyywalker and more].

Broadcast the day after Biggies funeral in March 1997, wind-up DJ Howard Stern raises the blood pressure, cos thats his antagonistic schtick, and this on-air panel, created to discuss the so-called beef between left and right coasts may make the blood boil, but if you can briefly overlook the ignorance of the man, it is an interesting snap-shot of the period, and a stark reminder of the manufactured East vs West hostility. 286 more words


Hip-Hop History

Join the 4th and 5th grade as we travel back in time to NYC in ’73 to find out about the beginnings of the culture and music of hip-hop. ¬† 25 more words

That's Deep:: What Happened to Hip-Hop?

Hip-Hop, in its heyday, was a force of political intrigue, a spectacle of creativity, and a platform for solidarity. In the beginning, there was the music. 640 more words

That's Deep

The 10 Most Influential Folks in Hip-Hop History

As Black History Month comes to a close, the AHH Community -¬†AllHipHop’s rabid not-so-secret secret society – would like to spotlight the top 10 Hip-Hop artists (in no specific order) who’ve had the biggest impact on America. 1,579 more words