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The design of the night

As a dj you have the power to drive emotion & energy in the rooms you play in. To know your room requires the knowledge of the theme of the venue. 238 more words

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DJs, here's why you shouldn't finger girls backstage—especially if you're a duo

First rule of fingering girls backstage: don’t bring a friend.

Second rule: don’t bring two friends.

Third rule: if you break rules one and two, make sure those friends at least put their phones away. 96 more words


Music will change

When I started djing I thought I knew best about what folks wanted to hear. I fell pray to the idea that I knew what good music was. 518 more words

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The Reception

Here is a standard timeline for most wedding receptions. You can find this & other ideas of this in most wedding planners & most wedding services will have them as well. 148 more words

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Smoke & Mirrors: Soft sell or Hard sell

If you have ever gone out to hire a service for an event, you will run into a wall of sales people all saying the following: They are the best & book with them. 261 more words

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The Art of working with control freaks

As a dj I have run into a ton of folks that feel they need to control everything at an event. They tend to not trust the services they book or not let them do the work required. 252 more words

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Learning to dj!

The dj world has changed so much in the 40 years, it is hard to think about how we all learned how to do our mix & play to a crowd. 241 more words