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Create a Django ContentType/Model Without a Table

We needed to have a contenttype in the django_content_type table to support one of our apps, but the particular model/contenttype didn’t have any instances. Here’s what we came up with to get something “artificially” inserted into that table with a proxy model so that when you run syncdb it will create the appropriate record in django_content_type. 55 more words


Finding All Related Objects to a ContentType in Django

This is a handy little script for finding all related objects to a given ContentType in Django. It essentially is doing the same thing as Django-Admin when you delete an object and it lists for you all of the things that will get deleted along with that object. 69 more words


Customizing the Django Authentication for Email

Django Authentication is Awesome as we say but it has some limitations  as well.

I encountered this in one of my projects where I needed the user to Login via Email ID rather than Username. 675 more words