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Bi-lingual website using Wagtail CMS.

We’re now using Wagtail for our main website where I work and by law we need to have a Welsh version of the site. So English and Welsh are the two languages we needed. 1,356 more words


[django] virtualenvwrapper with Python 3

Django 1.7 came out ten days ago. If you look at the updated poll tutorial, you will notice that it’s written for Python 3! So far I’ve used Python 2 only, so I thought I would redo this tutorial for two reasons: (1) learn about migrations, and (2) start using Python 3. 455 more words


[django] must-watch videos

Must-watch videos about Django (or about Python as applied to Django): https://github.com/rosarior/django-must-watch.


[django] Heroku with GoDaddy

You put your Django project on Heroku and you register a custom domain name for it at GoDaddy. How to assign this domain name to your project on Heroku? 12 more words


[django] force HTTPS on Heroku

django-sslify forces SSL on your Django site. It has an excellent documentation, can be set up in a few minutes.

I tried it on Heroku and it works well.