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Django_mailr - A reusable newsletter sending app

Django_mailr is a simple reusable app for sending newsletters. It is a simplest possible application for sending newsletters via django admin and managing subscribers Every project needs a mailing application, so I created this which can be used everywhere. 122 more words


Very simple Django login code with bootstrap


urlpatterns = patterns('',
                       url(r'^login/$', views.login, name='login'),


from django.contrib.auth import (login as auth_login,  authenticate)
from django.shortcuts import render
from django.http import HttpResponseRedirect
from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse
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Django Tutorial - Building URL Shortener with Django

I finally got the time to write a Django tutorial. In this tutorial we are building URL Shortener. If you are confused with what we are building then we are building something similar to ( 2,589 more words


[flask] generate a secret key

To implement CSRF protection, Flask-WTF needs the application to configure an encryption key. This key is used to generate encrypted tokens that are used to verify the authenticity of requests with form data. 245 more words


Creating a Django Project

See How to install Django for advice on how to remove older versions of Django and install a newer one.

Now after Django is successfully installed lets get on with creating a Django project. 284 more words


Upgrading Wagtail to use Django 1.7 locally using vagrant

These are the steps I followed to upgrade an existing Wagtail 0.8.3 which was using Django 1.6 to use 1.7. It wasn’t that obvious to me so I’ve detailed the steps here. 299 more words


Styling forms in Django using template tags

Forms in Django are awesome; they come with a lot of magic inside. But they lack customization for styling them in different ways.
For example, if you wish to add Bootstrap styling to the forms then it is difficult unless you use any 3ed party packsges for that. 211 more words