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Why companies that rely on open-source projects must insist on a strong, enforceable code of conduct

Once derided and under constant legal attacks, open-source software is now a force in the tech industry with Docker, Hortonworks and Cloudera all being recent examples of how companies can thrive around an engaged community whose contributors help ensure that the core technology is up to date and contains the latest features. 1,754 more words

Anatomy of an AutoTeach Plugin

AutoTeach is powered by Django.  Django is a modern python web framework that renders through html templates.  In Django there are the concepts of “project” and “application”.   353 more words


Install Django 1.7.1 on Ubuntu Linux 14.04

Install pip

sudo apt-get install python.pip

Install Django

sudo pip install Django==1.7.1

Install git

sudo apt-get install git

Get Last version development version

get clone https://github.com/django.git



If we used twitter, we all know what is a url shortner. There is some famous sites like bitly , tinyUrl for this purpose. What I am going to do is here is implementing a url shortner. 161 more words


From fixtures to factories: Updating testing code from manual data fixtures to Fixture Boy

In part one of my Django authentication/testing tutorial, the testing code originally contained a manually-created fixture of test users, including a function to directly save one to the database. 1,167 more words


Django Star Daniele Watts & Boyfriend Charged With Lewd Conduct (VIDEO)

Django star Daniele Watts and her boyfriend, chef Brian James Lucas, have been charged with lewd conduct for allegedly engaging in sexual acts in public. 243 more words


Adventures in Coding: The Journey has Begun

I have taken the leap and have decided to learn to code.

This is a decision that really has been in the making for years. My love of language, logic, and building things makes this a really good field for me. 326 more words