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Setting up a New Nginx Instance on Webfaction

These are mostly notes for me.

  1. Create custom app listening on port
  2. Create app for serving static
  3. If its an https site and you want http redirected to it, do…
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Gotham Security Daily Threat Alerts

April 22, Help Net Security – (International) Supposedly patched router backdoor was simply hidden. A security researcher who discovered a backdoor vulnerability in several popular home routers found that the firmware update issued by manufacturer Sercomm does not close the vulnerability but instead hides the backdoor. 229 more words


Multiple Django Sites Served by Nginx on Webfaction

In an attempt to reduce my memory usage, I wanted to try to server multiple Django sites from one Nginx app using uwsgi. Here are my notes. 215 more words


Options for Open Source, Public Access for ATBI Data

When I worked for the NBII we used Rackspace and Amazon’s cloud service, along with MySQL for the “Species of Greatest Conservation Need” database that held a similar number of species, but no spatial data. 275 more words


Celery is a Memory Hog

In my business I need to create lots of low volume Django sites. I do this on Webfaction, where I am limited on how much memory I can use. 213 more words


Populate and Validate a Django ModelForm using API Data with the Generic CreateView

I ran into a slightly tricky use case the other day wherein I needed to grab some data from an API, validate it against a Django ModelForm, and only show the form to the user if there are errors during the validation. 198 more words