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Django pages cms: Simple content management system for Django 1.5+

Download and install django-pages-cms using one of the following methods:

pip install django-pages-cms

or you can use

easy_install django-pages-cms

Start the development server and visit… 36 more words

Pretty Print Django POST Data in Python Logger

Due to customer requirements, I have a webpage with several forms, and dynamic formsets that are built on the client side using jquery formset. Kind of reminds me of the… 194 more words


Starting with Django + mysql on mac osx

## install pip

  • sudo easy_install pip

## install mysql

  • Download Mysql from¬†http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/
  • Run the package

## Start mysql server

  • sudo /usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql.server start

## Excecute and append to .bash_profile file in your home this line. 164 more words


Django Notebook

django-admin startproject¬† — Houses the brains of the application

django-admin startapp — creates an app like Web apps or Api apps

python manage.py runserver — start the web app up… 18 more words


Solinea is looking for a Senior Backend Engineer (Python, Django, Elasticsearch)

This is my second week at Solinea, and I’m loving it! A position just opened up on our development team for a backend developer, and I wanted to share the love. 506 more words


After Nirvana last week I thought I’d go for another iconic album this week. This is my take on Help by The Beatles.