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my web programming journey (so far)

Thank you @roguelynn for letting us newbies know there is hope!

Highlights of my journey + some key resources so far:


Anthony Hamilton On Raising Sons, Ferguson Aftermath & Music

Anthony Hamilton one of the most popular r&B singers on the scene today with a soulful flair, which is very rare these days in the world of Auto-tune and hip-hop. 143 more words

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Quickly get memcached working in Python Django

As with most frameworks, the Django framework for Python can make use of caching to greatly improve performance for many common requests. Here we will look at using memcached as it enjoys good Django support and production use although there is also… 206 more words


A Brief Introduction to Django Managers

Have you ever thought about what is “objects” in Book.objects.all() in a adjango query? Well if you don’t know the reason it’s not a problem. Before saying what it is you must know about what is/are manager(s) in Django. 486 more words


Django Edit Model Workflow

Some times I forget the appropiate order to edit a model with out using the admin on Django. I’ve written down this several times to have a quick guide to know in which order should I create Form, Template, View and Url. 312 more words

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Upcoming posts I’m working on:

  • The case for Mesosphere + Kubernetes for institutional cluster management & self service provisioning
  • Anatomy of a Django web application from server to client processes…
  • 70 more words