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Python Django Environment

Django, a Web development framework

the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) standard

Just create a Python script that outputs HTML, then save the script to a Web server with a ”.cgi” extension and visit the page in your Web browser. 127 more words


Copying Postgresql to Another Server on Webfaction

Here is how I copied a postgresql database from one Webfaction server to another. My original thought was to do this using Fabric. But on Webfaction, they do not recommend creating or dropping databases from the command line. 178 more words


Baby's first meme

I made a meme. It’s my first meme. I am the baby mentioned in the title. 

(That’s all the exposition this  post deserves)

Dynamically Creating Plots for Django Using Matplotlib

I will make this short and sweet. Django 1.5. Matplotlib 1.3. I wanted to generate some plots and send then to the client as an HTTP response. 70 more words


Celery 3.1, Django and Webfaction

Despite wanting to keep things as simple as possible, occasionally I run into circumstances where I need my Django app to be able to run long processes. 921 more words


Organizing a Successful Open Source Sprint: a tale of Django, cupcakes and ReSt

Documentation is usually written by people who are subject matter experts, people who have lost the beginner lens.  For beginners, this is a tough situation. When one first enters the fray of, say, an MVC framework, there’s a lot of big picture concepts that need to be covered before getting into the granular details. 881 more words