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During the last few weeks doing my Design and Enterprise module we have been going through the NESTA program. It’s been really insightful and made me evaluate many things about my business idea that I hadn’t ever considered! 208 more words


Tentsmuire, Fife

Ive been looking further into things that are gross, even considering using body parts skin. The more I think about it the more it makes me feel sick.  182 more words

Final measurements and prep!

Measuring were the hexagons will go on the seat.

This is what what the final hexagons will look like on the chair. The post slides through holes in the seat and the bottom hexagon caps onto it.



Following on from my research with light and my experimentations with its bending, reflecting, refracting I decided that a good way to culminate my photographs, experiments, exhibition work was to create a book to explain my practise and to enlighten the reader on how light itself works. 53 more words

Plastik Zine Launch Exhibition

Following on from my RGB experiments I created a version for Plastik Zine Launch at Generator Projects. A local zine in Dundee that promotes new artists work at a contemporary space for Art. 63 more words

Red, Green and Blue Experiments I

Moving into looking at Red, Green and Blue lights: how digital light is composed; after looking at Cmyk in my Light Experiments series. I continued using my handmade projection screens and wanted to capture and create an interactive installation that would educate the participants on how RGB lights blend to make white light and also also with interaction you can form complimentary coloured shadows. 31 more words