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Who am I? What makes me; well, me?

Is it the way I dress, the way I talk, walk, dance, sing from the roof tops? Or am I shaped by the environment around me? 203 more words

It Begins!

Design enterprise aims to introduce you to enterprise culture and terminology and to place the practice of design within a business context.

Our first day of design enterprise left us with a lot of information to think over. 137 more words


‘Shifting Cities. Decay’

Project ‘Shifting Cities. Decay’ was all based on rusted, moss buildings and river side. As water is a part of the city, I decided to create something what could involve both: the history of the place and connection with water. 186 more words


Creating an action sequence

So to further develop the action sequence I sat down with Natasha(one of the lead animators). She had been coming up with some awesome designs for the 3 main crabs in the scene and I wanted to work with her to get a handle on the action. 239 more words


Storyboard second draft

Having finally come to a conclusion on the story of ‘BUOY’ I have completed the storyboard needed for production. On to colour storyboarding and animatic! 121 more words


Character sheets

I did these character sheets before christmas for the animators to copy from. I started with the old man and made a bunch of important decisions on his character. 62 more words