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Hello there!

I’ve probably said it before, but I am hopeless at keeping my blog, or anything else up to date. I’m hoping that starting now I will try my very best to update and post more often about my adventures and what I’m up to at DJCAD. 296 more words


Working hard - PARK(ing) day!

So as the friday is coming fast, we are building final construction and putting everything together. The promotion has been done, drawing machines has been made,a lot of painting took place…we just need a few final touches and we’re done. 11 more words

Penland School of Crafts

I’ve recently returned from Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. I was fortunate to be awarded the F & A Bradshaw Art Prize from DJCAD to fund my trip. 1,084 more words

Park(ing) day start!

Some of you may already heard about international Park(ing) day.
It’s a day on which we do something different, new with a parking space for cars. 66 more words

An Eye Opening Summer.

Having felt like I had run myself into the ground towards the end of third year I decided to take some time off during the summer and give my mind a rest! 478 more words


'Letters to my mother' 2013

What is Subversion?

Thinking about the subject matter and the context of art by female contemporary artists known to produce work with controversial or subversive themes such as, Tracey Emin, Barbara Kruger, and Louise Bourgeois, I ask, ‘have I ever done anything that would be considered subversive, politically, socially or ethically?’ … 312 more words


'Ephemeral' 2012

Ephemeral art to me suggests something which exists for a moment in time, and so I approached this brief thinking about time and the ephemeral re-occurring seasons. 354 more words