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A Study of Proffesional Practice

As part of my Level 2 Product Design Degree, here at the University of Dundee I was required to write a report on Professional Awareness. I chose to study 4c- A Product Design and Engineering consultant firm based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Proffessional Awareness Report

First Year

Take a... Seat

This project, as with the Pavilion project, is included in the module Material Matters of which i am studying as a student at DJCAD. The brief we have been provided with requires my class to split into allocated teams and work to create a prototype stool. 404 more words


Barcelona Pavilion

Throughout the semester i have had a 10 week CAD class as a student at DJCAD and over the weeks i had been given the brief to create the… 76 more words


Take a... Seat, week4

During the last week of the ‘take a… Seat’ -project we combined everything to accomplish the final design sheets for our presentation. We created our final photos in Adobe Photoshop, imagine the stool in several situations and purposes, for example in education and public places, like councils, hospitals, offices as well as school and kindergarten. 251 more words


Shifting Cities - Reflective Pavilion

My idea for this project is to create a platform for reflecting on any new experiences, memories and lessons. I have designed a Pavilion where visitors can leave hand written/sketched messages on a smartboard about anything they might have found interesting or inspiring on their visit to Dundee and the V&A. 178 more words

Life Drawing

Life drawing definitely makes my Thursday afternoons! I really enjoy exploring different media, perspectives, positions and scale.

It always is both a challenge and an excitement to sketch a person sitting right in front of you in a creative and experimental way. 39 more words

And So It Begins...


Today we received our first ever project from Linsey. “To design a small-scale building that reflects a shifting city.” It comes as Dundee is currently reworking its entire waterfront, where buildings are being torn down and the city is being built up again. 242 more words