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from "History as Literature: The Letters of Djuna Barnes and Emily Holmes Coleman (1935-1936)"

(edited and with an introduction by G.C. Guirl-Stearley, The Missouri Review, Volume 22, Number 3, 1999, pp. 105-146)

I took out pages seem to be stories of the Doctor.

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Seen from the “L” by Djuna Barnes

So she stands—nude—stretching dully
Two amber combs loll through her hair
A vague molested carpet pitches
Down the dusty length of stair.
She does not see, she does not care… 134 more words


Lost Recipes of the Lost Generation

Thelma Ellen Wood was stupendously tall, sexually irresistible, and a wonderful cook with a propensity for rum and coke. Many authors who crossed paths with Wood wrote lavish accounts of her body as a dish, but none bothered to record her favorite recipes. 890 more words

Ιζμί Αζάμ, Μυθική Πολιτεία: το ιερότερο όνομα του θεού.

Το Ιζμί Αζάμ, το όνομα που έχει κρύψει ο θεός (ιδιαίτερα σε μια μωαμεθανική του έκφανση) σε όλα τα εννενήντα εννιά ονόματά του, το Αρρητάρρητο μοναδικό όνομά του, ίσως να εμφανίζεται σα μια σκεπτομορφή, ίσως σα μια αισθησενέργεια. 731 more words

Beyond the Sheets delegate details: Ery Shin

Ery Shin is a final-year doctoral candidate in English literature at the University of Oxford.  Among her areas of interest are modernism, queer theory, and phenomenology.   20 more words

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