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Can't access elements loaded via ajax using jQuery

I need to modify content loaded via ajax, but can’t seem to access it. I don’t have access to the js file that is doing the initial load so I need to write a separate function to change the content. 126 more words

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Further Optimizing the Lookup Function

Welcome to the next post of my little time-capsule. Previously we had several functions to perform the lookup of the address of a function. In total, the complete lookup was more than 200 bytes in size. 459 more words

How to Assign Strong Name key to dll

Step 1: Run visual studio command prompt and go to the dll directory (C:\Projects\RefDLL)

Step 2 : Now create il file using below command.

$ ildasm /all /out=MyDllfile.il MyDllfile.dll… 17 more words


Global Assembly Cache (GAC) in SharePoint 2010/2013

Global Assembly Cache (GAC) – A developer like me diving into SharePoint with very less experience in development had no idea what GAC is. Even after spending time in deploying farm solutions through PowerShell or SharePoint GUI, I had nothing to do with it… and God knows I was happy!! 378 more words


Optimizing the Lookup - "Pass the Hash"

So far we have the code to look up the base address of a loaded DLL and find the address of exported functions based on the base address of the DLL. 1,003 more words

How to find .dll files in Windows 7

This tutorial shows you how to find .dll files in Windows 7. Just follow these steps:-
1. Open ‘Computer’.
2. In the search box of ‘Search new folder’, type ‘type:dll’. 7 more words

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Locating the Address of Exported DLL Functions

The diagram below describes what operations we have to perform to locate the address of an exported DLL function. I have separated the task into 3 areas: initialization, position lookup based on function name and finally, the address lookup based on the position in the list. 2,270 more words