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Lost in Space

¬†Isa Genzken: Retrospective, currently on view in the DMA’s Barrel Vault, arrived in Dallas after¬†presentations in New York and Chicago, and came together after weeks of installation. 42 more words

Dallas Museum Of Art

Mandala Write Up

The earth has always been a rotating sphere of complex life forms and objectionable objects. We have torn our world apart and discovered the pieces that make this world what it is. 195 more words

Non-Time Based

#ODP14 Day 17

You’ll have to excuse the quality of these pictures, as they were taken on my phone instead of a camera.. Oh well, phones are a lot lighter than cameras! 180 more words


highlevel tuning overview


  • QuickPath Interconnects (QPI)
  • Replaces FSB (Northbridge/Southbridge)
  • 64 bits (requires 2 clocks)
  • CPU
  • 64 bit cache line
  • iommu (requires support on motherboard)
  • esp when using 32 bit devices (i.e.
  • 152 more words

Inception poster

While i was recreating my poster i came across an idea almost spontaneously. Why not create an inception poster? Using what was assigned for me, Constructivism was not that easy to understand at first. 51 more words

Non-Time Based

Few years ago……

My first DMA (sort of…)


Movie Constructivist Poster

I thought that Rocky would be a good cover poster that would represent constructivism. Using Rocky’s “Up the Stairs” pose, I showed how rising up is important for him and for the viewers. 50 more words

Non-Time Based