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Halloween Playlist

The thing about Halloween playlists is that they’re really just Halloween-themed songs and we are always stuck with the same 20 or so. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that, but you can only listen to them on loop until you realize two things; 1. 465 more words

So Long Sweet Summer.

What a week it’s already been. First, let me just say the clique “how amazing is fall?!” Is there anything more beautifully ironic than the last summer kiss of the bright and bold colors of the dying autumn leaves? 1,876 more words


Dave Matthews Band

For almost two and a half years, Dave Matthews Band is all I got to listen to! Because of one OBSESSED sister.

She had all her CD cases filled only with DMB Cd’s, she would drive across the country with her friend Nathan to see any DMB gig that she possibly could, she became a complete music Nazi, I was not allowed to touch the car stereo or the music system at home EVER!! 506 more words


San Francisco Part 2.

After we left our shows in Berkeley, we naturally had to go get some In ‘n’ Out Burger before parking the Tahoe for a nights rest. 583 more words


All good things must come to an end...

It feels like it was only a few weeks ago that I posted a blog entry about the onset of summer 2014 and today I’m writing about the end of summer. 1,071 more words

Berkeley, CA.

I felt the cool Northern California breeze rush through my bones as it snuck its way into my sleeping bag. I shivered and rolled over, amused by the sight of my friends all piled up together in the middle of Berkeley. 1,291 more words